Planning to design your own t-shirt, but confused which design to pick up? Read on to find some cool t-shirt design ideas especially for you!

T-Shirt Design Ideas

Tired of wearing the same design over and over again? No need of compromising with your taste anymore! There are a number of designs and forms of t-shirts you can find today but these designs and formats may not necessarily suit your taste, especially if you do not take t-shirts just as an article of clothing. If you relate to what you wear and want your t-shirt to be the reflection of your personality then why not design one for yourself? You can use a simple t-shirt design to express yourself and your creativity. Personalised designs have made t-shirts more popular and can be used not only to reflect the inner self but also to carry a message of varied significance. You need not be an expert in graphic designing to be able to design one. All you need is a design in your mind and a brief knowledge of how to print the design on fabric. Mentioned below are some of the design ideas for your t-shirt that will help you get a hang of how to go by designing some of your wardrobe.
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Cool T-Shirt Ideas
If you write well, why not share your wisdom with people? You can get your favourite phrases and sayings on your t-shirt and let people know about your thoughts. Select the best of all your catchy writings which convey some message. Getting them on your T-shirt is quite simple. All you need to do is take a print out of the phrase and then place the printed paper on the underside of your t-shirt. Trace the phrase with a fabric-safe marker and then fill colours in the letters with other coloured fabric-safe pens.
Symbols make for brilliant t-shirt designs. You can choose any symbol or sign you relate to or any logo of your favourite band or a symbol having some personal meaning. You can either draw the symbol or logo or can print it on a piece of paper and then trace it on your t-shirt with the help of fabric-safe pen.
Religious Ideas
Quotes, symbols and sayings on religion can prove to be another unique t-shirt design idea. But, do not be overly critical like offending someone’s religious sentiments. Get symbols, quotes and sayings that amuse everyone, but not those that hurt someone’s religious sentiments and beliefs.
Literary Ideas
You can even get quotes, sayings of famous authors and poets from across the world and trace it the same way as mentioned above. A famous line of a literary figure or a funny anecdote will surely get some attention to you.
Environmental Ideas
Another popular t-shirt design idea that can be used to make your plain t-shirt trendy is the environment related symbols, drawings and sayings. With environmental issues being the top of all news, you can get something related to global warming, preservation of different species of plants and animals or any other environmental issue.
Famous People
You can even get faces of famous people on your t-shirt. It can be anyone from your favourite musician, political figure to any activist you admire. Musicians and famous band pictures are the most common of all prints found in t-shirts today.
If you are a person who loves sports then nothing can be a better t-shirt design idea for you than something related to sports you play or watch. It would be appropriate to get a design relevant to your sport.
Abstract Design
If you don’t have a line from some text then you can opt for a combination of quotes or some image for an abstract design on your t-shirt. You can come across a number of designs on the internet which you can choose from and get printed on your t-shirt.
Trendy T’s set the new fashion statement. The t-shirt design ideas mentioned above can be used to make a style statement as well as to convey your individuality to the world around.

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