String cheese can be described as a cheese that comes off in strings or strips, as it is peeled. Read on to get information on the calories as well as nutrition facts of string cheese.

String Cheese

String cheese is the term used in context of cheese that can be peeled. When you peel string cheese, it comes off in strings or strips from the main cheese, thus the name 'string cheese'! Any cheese that has this quality can be termed as string cheese. Though string cheese is produced in various places, the names of Armenia, Syria and United States are worth mentioning in this regard. In Armenia, a white base, including black cumin and a middle-eastern spice known as 'mahleb', is used to make string cheese. As for the type of milk used, it depends upon the local methods of production.
The string cheese of Armenia comes in the form of a continual, braided loop. In this case, it is the way cheese is pulled during processing that leads to formation of strings. Syrian cheese is processed in the same way as the Armenian cheese and thus, has strings. The usual cheese is not pulled while processing, rather only cut and pressed. This is why it does not develop strings. Talking about United States, "string cheese" is usually taken to mean snack-sized servings of low-moisture mozzarella.
In USA, string cheese has almost a cylindrical shape and is 6 inches (15 cm) in length and less than 1 inch (2 cm) in diameter. US sting cheese is cut and packaged, either independently or as a package of several lengths. Though, majority of the times, it is a form of mozzarella, it might be another semi-soft cheese also. While eating this type of string cheese, you need to pull strips from the cylinder, along its length. These strips are then either bitten or chewed. Read on to know more about string cheese.
String Cheese Nutrition Facts 
  • Calories - 80
  • Total Fat - 6.0 gm
  • Saturated Fat - 3.0 gm
  • Cholesterol - 15 mg
  • Sodium - 190 mg
  • Calcium - 214 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates - 1.0 gm
  • Protein - 7.0 gm 
Uses Of String Cheese 
  • Just cut a string cheese into two pieces and dunk it in a bowl containing egg and breadcrumbs. Thereafter, put the cheese piece into a deep fryer. Instant homemade mozzarella snacks are ready for you.
  • String cheese is a great accompaniment to your Italian meatloaf. All you need to do is make a meatloaf with Italian breadcrumbs. Put some spaghetti sauce over it, as an alternative to ketchup and place a whole string cheese into the middle of the meatloaf, making sure that it is entirely covered with the meat. When the meatloaf gets cooked, cut it right through the middle. Your cheesy meatloaf is ready to be savored!!
  • Another easy way to make use of string cheese would be to grate it over your regular salad. You are sure to get surprised with the exotic taste.
  • String cheese is also great when used in a sandwich. Along with tomato and cucumber, just place a layer of string cheese on the bread.
  • In winters, the best would be to employ string cheese in a bowl of tomato soup. You would be surprised to find that the regular bland tomato soup suddenly turned into a super-yummy soup.
  • Stuffed cheese manicotti is another great Italian meal that you can make, using string cheese. All you need to do is get the manicotti shells from the grocery store and follow the directions as written on the pack. As for the stuffing, place a string cheese inside the manicotti. Once they get baked in the oven, the cheese will be melted and get gooey in the manicotti.
  • How about adding string cheese to your tuna melts? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it!! Just slice up thin pieces of string cheese and place them on your tuna sandwich. Use an indoor grill or Panini press to make a tuna melt out of it.
  • String cheese is a great ingredient if you are making mini-melted pizza. All you need to do is just take some pita chips or crackers that will hold up in the microwave and place a piece of pepperoni on them. Top it up with a slice of string cheese. Place the mini pizzas in the microwave and heat them until the cheese melts. The mini-melted pizza would surely get your mouth watering.

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