There are various secrets to leading a successful marriage in this era that is flooded with towering divorce rates. Raid this article to view the precious secrets.

Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

As the joyous wedding bells ring, your pulse rate soars as thickening paranoia stirs up inside of you. You gaze at the altar and lose yourself in its endearing magnetism. Will the future be as alluring? Or will all the splendor of living cease to exist the second you blurt out the highly anticipated “I do” words. Divorce is no longer a rare phenomenon as society has taken a more liberal leaning towards the people. However, broken marriages never end well. In fact, the repercussions are harsh which is why couples should strive for stability and mutual contentment. Making commitments is a huge responsibility and if you fear you can’t stick to them, then you shouldn’t! Marriage is just like any contract, which will fail miserably without commitment. Ensuring a successful marriage isn’t a piece of cake! You will endure the brunt of your partner’s woes but since love trumps all, it will be worth it in the end. So now do you want to know a little precious secret? If yes, treat yourself to seven sizzling secrets listed below and guarantee a successful marriage in the bargain.
Successful Marriage Tips
S = Space (but not too much!)
This might not be the most quintessential secret but giving your partner space does matter. You two have exchanged vows to sail through life hand in hand till death does you apart. However, you must learn to respect one another’s individuality. Partners often feel smothered by overdoses of your affection and need time to tend to their own personal needs. This, of course doesn’t mean you abandon him/her on an island for a month. Just don’t overreact if your spouse wishes to spend the weekend with other people or by him/herself. Too much of space and freedom is bound to backfire! Never forego quality time with your lovely spouse.
E= Effective Communication
For any and every relationship to be successful, effective communication is a must! Share your deepest desires, motives and thoughts with your partner. Don’t allow your special bond to fade away with time and lack of communication. Suppressing your innermost feelings extinguishes the flames that kept your marriage alive. Remember that your spouse is the best confidante in the world! And moreover, never forget to lend a ear when your husband/wife needs it the most. Wait for him/her to finish a sentence and then shoot your load. 
C= Compromise
We are all gifted with the ability to compromise! We might just not pay heed to it due to the mounting greed deterring us away from considering the needs of our spouse. If there is no mutual sacrifice, then your love is doubt worthy! Right from admitting you made a mistake to giving up your strongest vice, some level of compromise thickens the foundation of one’s marriage. Never let your ego deteriorate the solid grounds of your relationship.
You’ve most definitely come across the axiom -“A stitch in time saves nine.” Yes, nip the problem in the bud. Do not wait for a plant of animosity to grow! Resolve all your issues and prevent them from accumulating.  Listen to your partner’s troubles and give him a nutshell of yours. Take a break, let off some steam and to your surprise, petty bruises will heal.
E= Egos & Expectations Aside
Figure out the roles! Contraceptives and modern notions have revolutionized the traditional family household sparking off crazy fireworks. However, confusion of roles and ego issues has led to skyrocketing divorce rates. If your wife wants to work and happens to earn more, suppress your raging male chauvinistic ego. Your marriage is more important. Besides, why wouldn’t you welcome additional income into your home? Get rid of the preconceived ideas of what a marriage should be like and go with the flow!
T= Trust
Trust is the most integral part of every marriage. The moment trust diminishes, cracks will soon appear. Of course, it would be silly to blindly trust a partner overtly indulging in polygamy. However, why would you tie the knot with the incurable promiscuous characters? Love only prevails if trust does. Jealousy and false accusations inevitably trigger a downward spiral in the relationship until BOOM, it’s over!
We all have throbbing physical needs. Sex is good. Sex is what connects you to your partner on a whole spiritual and paranormal level. Depriving each other of sex only causes a redundant drift in the relationship. Go wild and maintain the lust in your marriage. Try out new positions and make your marriage as exciting as possible! Do remember to use protection if you don’t possess the resources to nurture another bun in the oven.
There you go, steal these secrets and keep your fabulous marriage afloat!

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