Have you ever considered knitting scarves with pretty patterns? If yes, then read about the following patterns of scarf knitting to give you a jumpstart with ideas!

Scarf Knitting Patterns

You are probably looking perfect with a stunning scarf around your neck! Experience the real pleasure of wearing a unique, special and elegant scarf that too knitted on own! This is the one of the best gifts because nothing can convey your inner feelings and thoughts like a self-knitted garment! You can make a fashion statement by knitting one for yourself or gift one to your BFF to enhance their style quotient. You can make scarves of various widths and lengths with your favourite yarn and according to your convenience. All you need is some hanks of yarn, knitting needles, a yarn needle, scissors and a bit of patience. Time required to complete the scarf depends upon your speed and also the stretch of time you dedicate for this craft. Knitting is often compared to Yoga for it is a great stress buster. You can spend a lot of time with the two magical needles and still not seem like a grandmother! A pinch of creativity will contribute to making these scarves super elegant. So, what are you waiting for? Amaze every one with your designer scarf! Browse down through the article and learn some tips about the innumerable designs which you can choose from!
Patterns Of Scarf Knitting
Airy Scarf
This is a long scarf with a seed stitch at the top and bottom. The same stitch is used at the first and last of each row in order to prevent curling. Along with seed stitch, open work stitch and stockinet stitch are also used. Worsted yarn and bulky yarn are the most suitable for this type of scarf. Bright colours like red will give a stunning appearance to the scarf. Wear this and stand out among the crowd!
Basket Weave Scarf
This is a beautiful pattern made with Marino wool. The pattern consists of 6 rows of garter stitches at the beginning and end. This is followed by two rows of knit 2, purl 2 pattern and two rows of purl 2, knit 2 patterns. The scarf should be fringed at the end. A 5mm needle is suitable. This can make you the most elegant person in the room!
Beaded Scarf
Materials needed to make this scarf include silk yarn and a hank of blue alpacas and one bag full of Rowan beads. US 6 needles are best suited. The beads woven amidst the silky alpacas yarn give a graceful appearance and the look makes quite a difference in a gathering!
Cherry Leaf Scarf
This gorgeous scarf is made of “Dale of Norway” wool and Mohair yarn using 5mm US needles. This can be made either in a single piece or as two separate halves which are joined afterwards. If made as a single piece, the leaves would show abscising patterns at one end and opposite patterns in the other end whereas if it is made as two separate halves, both ends will follow the same pattern. Try this gorgeous scarf for an awesome look!
Cloud Nine Scarf
You can use either worsted yarn or Morehouse merino for this pattern. It is better to use circular needles as they hold more number of stitches. After completing the knit, dip the scarf in water and squeeze it so that it stretchers to the maximum possible width and length. Take advantage of this trendy scarf and stay fashionable!
Caribbean Scarf
The materials needed include: Berroco air, Cyberspace and Geothermal yarns and 13 sized knitting needles. This scarf would appear stunning and emblazoned as a variety of colours is used in it. Latest style statement? We think so!
Garden Scarf
As the name indicates, this is a beautiful scarf ornamented by knitted flowers. These popping flowers are knitted on a reverse stockinette background and are also bordered with seed stitches. The yarns used are blue alpacas, 2 hanks of petunia and worsted hand dyes. US 8 would be comfortable to knit with. A looser knit is preferable over a tighter one.
Knitting a scarf is a pleasurable craft. It gives you a freedom to express your own comfort and style. A drop of imagination here and there and you will definitely stand out of the ordinary crowd!

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