Bid goodbye to the retiree by celebrating and throwing a lavish retirement party. Find some ideas for fun retirement games to include in the party, in this write-up.

Retirement Party Games

Reaching retirement is an accomplishment of yet another milestone and the beginning of a new life after a career. It is after this age that a person receives true freedom to enjoy his life the way he wants which he must have often missed out on during his youth and adult age. While a person has taken an exit from the workplace, a new stage of enjoyment and entertainment awaits him eagerly. This new phase of life allows him to fulfill his yet-to-be-achieved dreams. However, it is quite natural to feel anxious and a little phased out, as the person no longer would have to follow a routine which he probably practiced for most of the years of his life. Thus, the best way to pamper the retiree and pep up his spirit is by throwing a party in his honor. A retirement party is intended to congratulate the person on his years of work and success. And to spice up the party and add liveliness, games play a major role. However, the games so selected should not be kiddish or insulting. So, here’s presenting you some fun and tasteful games for a retirement party. Check them out.
Fun Retirement Party Game Ideas
Job Charades
A retirement party is meant to celebrate the retiree’s contribution towards his career. Hence, you can plan out charades focusing on different occupations. List down a different occupation on an index card and place the stack faced down on the table. You can use a plethora of traditional jobs, such as banker, teacher, lawyer, doctor, or some unusual choices, like lion tamer, astronaut, or exotic dancer. Divide the guests into two teams with each one taking turns in picking up a card and acting out the job listed on it. The team who guesses it rightly wins a point. The team with maximum points is declared victorious.
Picture Guessing Game
Include this game in the party to learn about the various phases in the retiree’s life. Pick up pictures of the retiree varying from birth to present and post them on a wall that is easily accessible and visible by people attending the party. Number each picture. Hand over card papers to everyone present with numbers indicating the pictures so posted. Ask everyone to guess the age of the retiree in each photo. At the end, ask the retiree to reveal his age in each picture. The guest who guesses the correct age in maximum photos wins the game.
Office Trivia
Playing a quiz contest about the retiree’s professional and personal life would be another interesting and thrilling game. But before you play the game, compile a list of questions, making sure that you add some jokes to keep the party mood refreshed. The trivia questions can deal with the retiree’s qualities, age of the company, company’s founder, the first client, longest years of service, highest turnover, funny incidents at work, and so on. Let the guest of honor be the quizmaster. Play in teams and the team with most correct answers wins.
Fill In The Blanks
Seems to be a primary school English test? Yes, it is but with a twist. While kids fill up the blanks to pass their examination, you can very well transform this test into an exciting game. Anyone of you who is good at composing poetry can prepare the starting of the poem. Make copies and distribute them to the guests present at the party. Ask everyone to continue and finish the poem related to the retiree. Though you may find it a little boring, but it will surely serve as a heart-touching and emotional retirement gift for the retiree.
Hope these retirement party games bring in the much-needed fun and glory to the ambience. Bring in excitement with these ideas and see how much the retiree enjoys.

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