Are you looking for some fun indoor party games ideas? If yes, then read through this article to get to know a few indoor party games ideas.

Indoor Party Games

Whether it’s your kid’s birthday party, office party or a family get-together, indoor party games always add more fun and frolic to any social gathering. Riotous and amusing indoor games will not only set the mood for the party, but will also manage to keep your guests occupied with something interesting till the food arrives. Nevertheless, while choosing indoor party games, you should bear in mind the fact that that the games should involve maximum number of invitees, so that no one feels left out. In addition, the games should also be in harmony with the mood of the party. While “Musical Chair” or “Dark Room” best suit children’s birthday parties, “Santa on Christmas” and “Christmas Stocking Hunts” are popular indoor party games for Christmas. If you are planning to throw a party soon, then here are some fun indoor party games ideas for you to mull over. Read on and pick the one that rightly fits your party theme and have a good time with your guests.

Indoor Party Games Ideas

Musical Chair
The ‘musical chair’ is not only popular among kids, but adults enjoy this game as well. To play this game, you have to arrange chairs in a circle and make sure that there is one chair less than the total number of participants. Now play music and ask your participants to walk around the chairs while the music is playing. When the music stops, every participant will have to quickly occupy a chair. The participant, who fails to occupy one, is usually eliminated from the game. Now remove one more chair, and begin the next round. The game continues until two players are left with only one chair to occupy. At the end, the player who fails to grab a chair is eliminated and the last player to occupy the chair is the winner!

Dumb Charades
Dumb charades is a miming game that involves lots of creativity. Participants have loads of fun playing this game. In this game, there are usually two teams. A participant from one team enacts a particular situation or theme by only using gestures and facial expressions and the members of the other team will have to guess it correctly. The game includes lot of hilarious moments as a participants try to enact funny gestures.

Treasure Hunt Games
The ‘treasure hunt game’ is all time favorite among kids. You can have some gifts wrapped and hidden in different corners of your living room. Now provide the kids with clues that will lead them to the next clue until they reach the treasure. Kids really enjoy hunting out treasures.

Memory Games
Memory games are exciting and suitable for people of all ages. Keep a tray assorted with arbitrary items. The assortment can be a bunny rabbit, a fork, a key chain, a ping pong ball, and a chocolate! Now ask your guests to remember all the items they see in the tray and ask them to write down as many as they can remember. The one with most right answers wins the game. You can have plenty of rounds to keep the game going, and you can keep updating the scoreboard as well.

Who Am I?
This is also a fun indoor game idea for people of all ages. Apart from entertainment, the game also has an educational value to it. To play this game, divide your participants in two groups. Give 5 clues to each of the teams about a famous personality and ask them to guess it correctly. The team that scores most points wins the game!

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