Puzzled about what to give as pirate party favors on your kid’s birthday bash? Read on and find some exciting pirate birthday party ideas and pep up the child in you.

Pirate Party Favors

Pirate themed parties are a huge hit among kids, especially boys, and they all love to be either Captain Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swann. They have other favorite characters also whom they enjoy playing or mimicking. So, if you are planning to host a pirate birthday party on your kid’s D-day, then you need not sail across the seven oceans for ideas on this one. Just continue to read and explore some staggering pirate party ideas in this section. You can do many things to create the same pirate theme as it is in cartoon movies and story books. You’ll not only enjoy planning and organizing these parties, the event would also turn out to be so much fun and memorable that every kid will carry brilliant memories of the land of pirates when they go back home. Isn’t that a great idea for a birthday blast? So, what are you waiting for? Surf through this article and pick ideas that appeal the most to you and make your pirate party unforgettable.
Pirate Birthday Party Ideas
The Famous Old Eye Patch
Pirates need eye patches; they just can’t do without it! Pick up an eye patch for all the kids invited to your party. You can get them readymade at any local dollar store or even craft them yourself. All you need is a pair of scissors, black felt, black elastic cords and glue to fasten it. Just cut out an eye patch out of the black felt and fix it to the elastic cord. Your pirate’s eye patch is ready to put on.
These cool bandanas or head wraps make your little ones look more punk and apt to be called pirates. After all, Jack Sparrow adorns himself with his bandana at all times. They are particularly inexpensive and make for great pirate party favors. Pick some regular black and white bandanas or red and white bandanas for the kids and hand it to them the moment they enter.
Swords and Curved Knives
A pirate is just incomplete without a weapon in his/her hand and a sword is one of the best options for this. Look for inexpensive swords at a local toy store or a local dollar store. You can even make a toy sword by cutting out two shapes of the sword out of a cardboard sheet. Affix them together and wrap the metal part with aluminum foil and paint the handle brown. Your homemade toy sword is ready. You can also make a few curved knives in the same way and watch your little ones in fascination.
Ahoy, mateys! Even captain Jack Sparrow wore those jazzy trinkets in his hair. Pick up some inexpensive beads and stones and craft out some homemade pirate party favors. You just need to take a band that can be fastened around the head and pin up the beads on it. Allow the colorful trinkets to hang and give a funky look to the little pirates. You may also want to make a few long beaded necklaces and use them as another pirate party favor.
Candy Treasure
Treasure is a must-have for all pirates. Make some interesting treasure stuff out of coin candies and ring candies. Just wrap them with aluminum foil to give that metallic sheen and give them in oodles. These splendid pirate party favors can be bought in bulk for inexpensive price from any local dollar store and are enough to complete your pirate theme.

All the above favours make for excellent props for a pirate theme party. Inculcate all your ideas along with these and have a wonderful birthday bash for the young and old alike.

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