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Pirate Party Food Ideas

Are you looking for a theme for the party you are planning to throw on your son’s birthday? Well, if you want to set up a charged environment and wish to see your guests getting into the characters, the pirate theme is the best theme you can opt for. However, the theme calls for you to start planning for the activities, costumes, invitations, decorations and presents well in advance. Apart from the party games and activities it is the menu you choose for the occasion that is going to bring you all the good wishes. The party menu also depends a great deal on whether the party is being arranged for the kids or for the adults. Here are some food ideas for a pirate party that will give you an insight into the types of food you need to be concentrating on for a social gathering with this theme.

Food Ideas For A Pirate Party

Drinks And Beverages
No party is complete without fitting drinks. If it is a pirate party for adults, chilled beer served in bottles is an excellent option to make the theme look real. In case the pirate party is being arranged for children, cold fruit juice and spiced apple cider vinegar would aptly suit the occasion. Nevertheless, make sure to serve the beverages chilled.

Hot Dogs
Hot dogs are perfect when it comes to pirate parties as both children and adults love them alike. Purchase buns, hot dogs, some pork, beans and ketchup to make delicious hot dogs. Place the hotdogs in napkins, heat them up in the oven, and then place them inside the buns along with the pork and beans and serve them with the ketchup.

Tortilla Rolls
In order to make tortilla rolls, lay the tortillas and spread layers of cream and cheese on them. Add pieces of lunchmeat to them and then roll the tortillas up and refrigerate them about an hour. Once frozen, cut them into slices that are an inch thick and serve them.

Potato Wedges
To prepare potato wedges that will surely be enjoyed by both the adults and kids alike, prepare potatoes as you do for baking and cut them into wedges. Put the wedges into a mixing bowl and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Toss the wedges well and arrange them on a non-stick baking sheet. Set the oven to high a temperature and bake the wedges for 40 minutes. Season the wedges with salt and pepper before serving.

Celery Special
Rinse fresh celery thoroughly under running water and allow them to dry for 15 minutes and then cut them into 6-inch rings. Fill the rings with peanut butter and cover them with raisins. You can also add chocolate chips for the kids to find something interesting to bite on.

Edible Boats
Ships and the boats are the darling possessions of any pirate. Your guests will love to be served a food item that is shaped like a boat. Cut a large watermelon into half and scoop out the fruit, leaving the rind intact. Cut the fruit into cubes and fill the rind with the cubed fruit. Take wooden skewers and place paper sails in the rind boat and serve.

The pirate theme is the perfect theme to keep the energy levels of the guests high, especially during a birthday party. If you find yourself in a dilemma as to what food items best suit a pirate themed party, these pirate party food ideas will come to your rescue.

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