Are you organizing food for an office party? Read on for some great ideas to ensure that your party is a success.

Office Party Food Ideas

You’ve just received an e-mail from your boss informing you that it’s your turn to organize the food for the next office party. There’s a part of you, that is excited. However, you are also quite apprehensive, because you remember the last office party where your colleague messed up on the food arrangements and had to face the wrath of your boss! Well, there are ways in which you can make the party a culinary success. All you have to do, is keep a few simple ideas in mind. Remember that, the primary purpose of the office party is not to have a gourmet meal, but to establish a friendly culture in an organization. You would, of course, like your party to be remembered for a long time (in a positive way) by everyone present. Therefore, plan things, in advance so that you will be able to handle things smoothly, without suffering from too many sleepless nights.
Ideas For Office Party Food 
  • When you wish to organize an office party, the primary thing that you should keep in mind, is that the atmosphere should be relaxed and positive. There should be a feeling of openness and warmth among everyone, and therefore, you should try to make things as comfortable as possible.
  • Think of some unique office theme party ideas that can add excitement to the office party, before fixing the menu. You could consider having a dress code and have all decorations as well as menu items, based on the theme of the party.
  • Consider the number of people, who will be eating, when you set the menu. Unless your boss has already specified the type of food that he wants, you could get the opinion of your fellow-colleagues, based upon the theme of the party. Be sure to also take into consideration the time of day when the party will be held.
  • Take a head count, and evaluate the total budget, in order to ensure that you do not exceed the budget.
  • Set the right mood for the party, with some simple food items, to start off the party. You could use fresh fruit trays, donuts, muffins, juices or even coffee.
  • Ensure that the appetizers are kept tasty and healthy. Some good suggestions are breaded mozzarella sticks, spicy peppery poppers, and egg salad on a patty shell. This will whip up an appetite for the main course. Since mocktails and cocktails are a very important part of any party, ensure that you have a good variety of these.
  • For lunch or dinner, you could include foods such as chicken, tuna, grilled mutton, breads, and salads. For those who are vegetarians, you can include vegan eggnog, beet root cutlet,  cheese mince pancake and cottage cheese pakoras. Chocolate pies, fruitcakes and ice cream are great options for desserts.
  • If there are some employees, who enjoy cooking and who can create great dishes, you could ask them to give everyone a sample of their culinary skills. In order to do this, you would need to have a refrigerator as well as a microwave to prevent the food from getting spoiled.

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