Pamela Anderson is a Hollywood actress best known for her role in television series ‘Baywatch’. Check out her childhood and profile in this short biography.

Pamela Anderson

Born On: July 1, 1967
Pamela Anderson
Born In: Ladysmith, British Columbia (Canada)
Nationality: Canadian
Career: Famous Model and Actress
One of the hottest sex symbols, Pamela Anderson is a popular and successful model and actress. Not only that, she has been an author and has penned down two books and is also a producer. Known for her outrageous personal life and body modification through plastic surgery, Pamela Anderson manages to make headlines wherever she goes. She has been an active member of PETA and is a vegetarian. She does a lot of charity work and has helped many organizations collect huge sums of money for helping the not so lucky.
Childhood and Early Years
Pamela Anderson was born Pamela Denise Anderson on July 1st 1967 in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada. Her mother Carol was a waitress and father Barry was a furnace repairman. Pamela has Dutch ancestry on her mother’s side and Finnish ancestry on her father’s side. She tasted fame from the moment she was born. She was supposed to have been the first baby to have taken birth on Canada’s Centennial day and thus was called as ‘Canada’s Centennial Baby’.
Following her birth, her family moved to Comox and bought a large house and settled there. She was sent to Highland Secondary School from which she graduated in 1985. As a child, Pamela was particularly interested in sports and also earned the nickname of ‘rubber band’ due to her flexible body. She also loved to play the saxophone but was not really interested in movies like other girls of her age were.
She was spotted in the most unusual way! Anderson moved to Vancouver after she graduated from school and worked as a fitness instructor. In the summer of 1989, she and a few close friends decided to go to the Canadian Football League (CFL). The match was between BC Lions and Toronto Argonauts. She was wearing a Labatt’s Breweries T-shirt and was cheering for the team. One cameraman spotted her in the crowd and put up her shot on the huge screen for all to see. The crowd went berserk seeing such a lovely girl with a bright smile on her face. She was taken down on the field and received a standing ovation from the crowd. Labatt’s saw the response she was getting and since she was promoting the brand in a way, they offered her to model for their company.
Later that year, Pamela got an offer from Playboy magazine for modeling. She accepted the offer and appeared on the October 1989 cover as Pamela Anderson Ilicic. It was then that she decided to move to Los Angeles to rise in her modeling career. Thereafter, she modeled as the February 1990 Playmate and appeared many times on Playboy in that decade. Once she reached LA, she bleached her naturally brunette hair blonde and also got breast implants. She was given a minor role in the television series ‘Home Improvement’ in which she starred as Lisa, the tool girl. She got a good viewer response and left Home Improvement after the second season.
Shot to Fame
In 1992, she landed with the role that would change her life forever. She played the character of CJ Parker on one of the most watched American series ‘Baywatch’. Donning a red swimsuit and her blonde hair fluttering due to the sea breeze, she instantly gained international popularity and became a poster girl of sorts. In 1995, she married the Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. She also did a movie in 1996 named Barb Wire, which was a box office failure. It was during the filming of this movie that she suffered a miscarriage. However, she became pregnant again after sometime and had two sons with Tommy Lee whom she named Brandon and Dylan.
Later Career and Personal Life
She also starred in self-produced television series V.I.P. It was commercial failure and was poorly received and was finally cancelled in the year 2002. She also separated from Tommy Lee after he was charged of abusing her. In the end of 2001, she started to date the singer Kid Rock and in 2002 they announced their marriage. However, she came to know that she had contracted Hepatitis C from Tommy Lee due to sharing tattoo needles. She filed for divorce from Kid Rock in 2003 and spent most of her time raising kids. It was after the divorce that she became involved in PETA and other charity shows. In October 2007, she married Rick Salomon and in early 2008, filed for divorce stating reasons of fraud. She is also a spokesmodel for MAC cosmetics and helps to raise funds for people suffering from HIV and AIDS.

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