Overprotecting mothers can lead to a lot of personality problems in their children. With this article, know the dangers of having an over protective mother.

Overprotecting Mothers

You must have heard of the adage ‘excess of everything is bad’. Have you ever thought that it might work in case of love also? Can loving someone in the extreme be bad for you or for your loved one? The answer is yes. Surprised, aren’t you? The fact is that loving someone in excess can often lead to too much care and concern on your part, with the result that the other person becomes totally dependant on you and cannot think for himself. The best example in this case is that of overprotective mothers.
Overprotecting Mothers
An overprotective mother loves her kids so much and ends up protecting them to such an extent that they are not able to fend for themselves. They become so much habitual of the protection and concern accorded by their mother that if and when they face any trouble, they are not able to come out of it on their own. In other relationships also, they want to receive and hardly know how to give. It has often been seen that case of over protective mothers happens more in case of boys than girls. Be it a girl or a boy, having an over protective mother is not conducive to the personality development of a child.
Dangers of Having Over Protective Mother 
  • A child with an overprotective mother is never ever able to become fully mature. He ends up remaining a baby, who can never ever think for himself and is always on the look out for someone to depend on.
  • A person with an overprotective mother will never be willing or able to shoulder responsibility. This is because since he was a child, he was neither given any responsibility, nor held accountable for anything.
  • Individuals with over protective mothers cannot face any criticism, be it negative or positive. The reason is that they are used to being protected and pampered all through childhood.
  • A child with an over protective mother gets used to too much pampering, care and concern. The result is that they are not able to have successful relationships otherwise, since they are not used to adjustments.
  • Over protected kids grow up to be insensitive individuals, who can care only about themselves. The reason being that they have never ever been taught to care for others in return.
  • An overprotective mother cannot digest the fact that her child can do mistakes also. For her, he/she is always right. Thus, she fails to see and rectify the faults of her children.

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