One-player board games prove to be great entertainers, especially when you are sitting idle. Explore the following article to know about the different board games for a single player.

One Player Board Games

A board game basically includes counters or pieces that are placed on a board and removed from or moved across, to achieve the target. Such games are enjoyable and easy to understand. Ranging from chess to monopoly, they are also a source of leisure to us. However, there are times when you are in the mood to play a board game, but there is no one to accompany you. During these times, one-player board games come handy and help you entertain yourself. These games provide endless hours of pure entertainment. Over the last few decades, various types of single player board games have come up in the market. The following lines give a list of different board games for a single player. Read on and explore them!
Board Games For A Single Player
This game has 48 hands of bridge. The player simply has to put a deal sheet inside the game board. The board’s windows reveal each hand. The player bids for himself, while the Autobridge bids for the opponents. It also informs the player when the bid is made wrong or when the card played is incorrect.
Cameo is played on a grid of 8x8, where the grid is divided into four parts. The player has to move rectangular cubes of same color to the matching area, as differentiated on the game board, in such a way that in the end, each area contains cubes matching the color of that particular area.
Catch 21
Catch 21 is a well-known educational game, popular among adults as well as children. The objective of the game is to fit in all the 21 pieces on a pegged board, on the basis of logical reasoning.
Code X
In this game, the player has to make connections between wooden rods of different lengths on dowels in movable wooden bases. The objective is to connect all the wooden rods and win the game.
Der Kessel
A solitaire-based gam, Der Kessel portrays a person surrounded by four Germans, who tries to escape from the Soviet army. It is one of the most innovative single player board games.
Considered as one of the best single player boards games in today’s times, Pandemic represents Atlanta as a city in virulent disease break out. The player is on a mission to prevent the spread of the pandemic and find a cure for the plague, before the calamity worsens.
This game involves the use of visual logic, as a tool for understanding and ultimately winning it. Firstly, you need to pick up a race. Then, you have to place the crew in their boats and columns, according to the size and color of each vessel. The captain should be placed at the bow. The crew and boats have to be rearranged, to match the colors in each column. Once this is done, the race is won.
Solitaire is one of the most popular one-player board games the world has ever seen. Also known as peg solitaire, the game has a board with plenty of pegs, arranged in a manner that only one peg is missing in the center. The player has to empty the entire board by making valid moves to eliminate each peg.
Star Smuggler
Star smuggler is based on adventure in the future. One of the most remarkable one-player board games, the objective of the player is to maximize the profits for each event.

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