Montecatini Terme is a wonderful little town located in Tuscany in Italy. Check out the attractions and plan a vacation in Montecatini in Italy.

Montecatini Italy

Location: Tuscany, Italy
Language: Italian, English
Weather: Mild Temperatures in Summers and Winters
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Time Zone: CET, UTC+1
Main Attractions: Natural Thermal Springs and Spa Resorts
Known all over the world for its spas, natural springs and thermal baths, Montecatini Terme, located in Tuscany, Italy is the ideal destination for all those looking for a rustic place that provides tranquility and complete rejuvenation. Basically known as a Summer Resort, this place enjoys mild weather all through the year. Summer months are the most favorite time for flocking in Montecatini as people love to see the fresh weather with green leaves and the spring air still lingering on. Even though winters are less busy, it is also the perfect time to travel as there will be fewer crowds and the mildly cool temperature will actually make the spa treatment all the more better and effective.
Lose Yourself!
The thermal springs and spas of Montecatini date back to the 14th century. The waters rise from a depth of over 1000 meters and have an average temperature of 33 degrees when they reach the surface. The water in different springs has different properties due to the variation in the saline and mineral content. This also creates difference in the quality of water, making it soft, hard and sweet. You can either take a glass of the rich water or take a plunge into the water itself. Both ways, the beneficial qualities of the thermal water will provide a completely rejuvenating and enriching experience.

The Spas
The spas of Montecatini are absolutely elegant and classic and strive to give you the best vacation and stay ever. The services offered here are at par with excellence and will ensure that you keep coming back here again and again. There are nine thermal spas in Montecatini that offer many different types of cures and therapies. This includes mud therapy, inhalation cures, hydro massage, aesthetic cures and physical therapies. Depending on the kind of therapy an individual requires or needs, the water is brought from the spring or the person is recommended that particular spa. Usually, it is recommended to use the water from four different springs to get a balanced effect on the individual.

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