Add brightness and vibrancy to your life by including monochromatic colors. Navigate through this article to discover various monochromatic color schemes.

Monochromatic Colors

Are you tired of the plain blue walls that you keep glancing at throughout the day? Do you find yourself in a confused situation selecting colors for your festive outfit? Do those boring reds, blues, yellows, and greens keep haunting you leaving you with no other colors to choose from? Go for monochromatic colors and see how colorful and beautiful your life turns into. But from where under the sky did monochromatic colors drop in the context of selecting colors? They are nothing but different tints and shades of a single color. Though they are less vibrant compared to the original color, but they are highly effective and soothing. They are made lighter or darker by mixing them with white, gray, or black colors. They look good when used by combining themselves rather than using a myriad of different colors. Check out the different monochromatic color schemes in the following lines that you can opt for.
Monochromatic Color Schemes
Red Monochromatic Color Scheme
Red, by itself, looks bright and stylish. Say, for example, you are decorating your room in red; restrict this color for accents, flower vases, garbage bin, and other tiny accessories. For the curtains, drapes, and sheers of the windows, you can choose from different shades of red, such as orange and light brown. To complete off, the fixtures of the walls and linens can be picked up in shades of pink or peach. This way, your room will exude a more presentable and interesting appeal.
Blue Monochromatic Color Scheme
If it’s blue that you wish to go for, the shades that fall under the blue monochromatic color are violet, light blue, gray, and navy blue. Give the walls a bold feel with alternate stripes of blue and white. Since blue is a cool color, it is one of the most desiring and used colors for bedrooms. As such, select bed sheets in tints of blue, such as light blue or navy. Leave the main blue color for drapes and curtains while the sheers can be picked up in sky blue or even white. For the accessories, like lamps, vases, and bean bags, choose from different hues of blue.
Brown Monochromatic Color Scheme
Giving your room a gorgeous and luxurious in shades of brown would be another apt choice. The walls can be painted in two or three brown tints, such as citrine, original brown, and bronze, either in stripes or designer patterns. The flooring can be left either white or tiled in matte bleached-oak. For the curtains and drapes, use wheat, beige, or desert sand. Give your bed a warm feeling with earth yellow, ochre, or fawn sheets while the accessories can be chosen from brown hints, like butter-cream yellow, burgundy, mahogany, sinopia, and rust.
White Monochromatic Color Scheme
For a more natural and soothing appeal, what better color than white is to decorate your cozy room? And if you had thought the plain color white to have no hues or tones, then you are highly mistaken. Let the floor be pure sparkling white while the walls can be painted splashed white, ghost white, or magnolia. For the curtains and drapes, try out a little darker shade, such as pearl, ivory, or old lace. Bring out the bedding in tints of cosmic latte and cream. Accentuate your entire setting with assorted accessories in vanilla, eggshell, and beige flower vases, rugs, portraits, sofas, and tables.
Monochromatic color schemes are definitely your pick if you hope to smarten up your home décor without being too mushy or fussy.

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