Microwaving bacon is the quickest and easiest way to cook bacon. Read below to learn more on microwaving bacon.

Microwaving Bacon

Smoked or fried or grilled or cooked, bacon never fails to enhance the flavor of any dish. The combination of greasy fat and lean meat gives bacon a crispiness that is simply sinful and surely a melt-in-the-mouth experience. So, whether it is dipping the strips in chocolates, eating with fried eggs or simply nibbling on a crisp strip, bacon can set your taste buds tingling. It is indeed hard to imagine the innumerable ways in which one can eat bacon. Bacon has become the favorite breakfast food throughout the world, making it an almost indispensible condiment for sandwiches and toasts. And cooking bacon is not much of a headache either. If you want to cook bacons quickly and save yourself the greasy mess, then microwaving is the way to go. Microwaving bacon will let you serve bacon within four to six minutes and you won’t have to spend time cleaning up the greasy splutter. Given below are a few tips on microwaving bacon.

How To Microwave Bacon

  • Choose your bacon according to your taste or preference. You can go for low fat or low sodium varieties or even go for those that come ready for microwave. Apart from these you can also microwave special flavored bacon. Whatever you choose, ensure that the bacon are of high quality.
  • The bacon should be well proportioned with veins of lean and generous strips of fat. Narrow strips of lean will give the bacon its crispy texture. So, cook bacons that have narrow and multiple strips of both lean and fat.
  • Take the microwave safe plate and line it with a couple of sheets of paper towel. For best results, use a microwave bacon tray which is especially designed to drain the fat away, while cooking. You can also spray the paper towels with cooking oil spray. The paper towels will absorb the bacon fat and prevent the grease from making mess and the cooking oil spray will keep the bacon strips straight and stop bits of paper towel from sticking to the slices.
  • Place the bacon strips side by side on the tray without any overlapping. Then place another paper towel sprayed with the cooking oil on top of the bacons so that it absorbs the spluttering grease.
  • Put the tray in the microwave and cook on high for three minutes. Thereafter, give the plate one half turn and microwave again for another three minutes. It is better to check the bacon frequently to stop it from overcooking. The best is to set the microwave time at two minute intervals to check for brownness.
  • To ensure even brownness, flip the bacon strips after three minutes as bacon browns differently depending upon the layering of fat. If you are cooking bacon that has more lean meat than fat then better microwave for a lesser time to prevent the meat from getting tough.
  • Remove the tray from the microwave and discard the greased paper towels. Place a paper towel in a plate and transfer the bacon into it. Leave it to cool for sometime before serving.
Bacon can be enjoyed in a number of ways once you know how to cook it properly. Now that you have read through the above lines, you surely know how to microwave bacon. Enjoy!

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