Making a fleece throw blanket at home is pretty easy and even convenient at the pocket. With the instructions given below, know how to make fleece throws.

Making Fleece Throws

Fleece is one of the most lightweight, cozy and comfortable fabrics available in the market today. Owing to these properties, the fabric is used for making it a number of items, like jackets, hats, sweaters, sweatpants, gym clothes, throw blankets, and so on. The best part of fleece is that it is extremely cozy, without being too heavy and bothersome, and is pretty easy to maintain. This is why it is one of the most preferred fabrics when it comes to making fleece throws. You can also make fleece throws at home and either use them or gift them to your loved ones. If you need some help for making fleece throw blankets, especially the no-sew ones, check out the information given below.
How To Make A Fleece Throw
Items Needed
  • 1½ yards Patterned Fleece
  • 1½ yards Coordinating (Solid) Fleece
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Large Straight Pins 
  • Spread out both pieces of the fabric, patterned as well as coordinating, on a large flat surface. Make sure that the right side of both the fabrics is facing out.
  • Now, smooth out the fabrics, until you see them completely devoid of wrinkles and fabric bunching.
  • Pin both the fabric pieces together, making sure to join them a few inches away from the edges.
  • With the help of scissors, trim off the selvage edges of the fabric. If case the two fabrics are not of the same size, trim them to ensure that they are.
  • Once again, smooth out the fabric in such a way that there are no wrinkles or bunching.
  • Cut a 4-inch square from each of the four corners of the fabric.
  • Now, cut 4 to 5-inch slits in the fabric, making sure that the width is approximately ¾ to 1 inch.
  • Starting at one corner of the fabric, tie the first two pieces of fringe together. Make use of a double knot, which should not be too tight.
  • Tie a few fringes on each of the corners. It will help keep the fabric straight.
  • The process comes to an end and the throw become complete, as you finish tying the rest of the fringe around the throw.

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