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Electrical Cord Repair

Electrical appliances have become indispensable to the modern day lifestyle. As a result, electrical cords are easily found in domestic household. However, it is important to note that damaged plugs or cords can be extremely dangerous and need to be taken care of. They can lead you into hazardous situations if they spark or smoke, causing fire. So, in case you discover a cord or plug sparking, unplug the appliance immediately. As a safety measure cut power to the outlet. Let the plug cool down and then check the cord and the outlet to enquire the damage. Electrical cords can be easily repaired at home, without much effort. Given below is the answer to how do I repair an electrical cord.
How Do I Repair an Electrical Cord
  • Before start working on the cord, make sure it is unplugged.
  • With the help of a wire stripper cut the bad plug off. At the exposed end of the cord three groups of copper wires will be visible.
  • Using a knife make a small incision about 1/2 inches in length, down the side of the cord jacket, sheathing the rubber outside.
  • Pull the sliced edges away from each other to expose the wires within. Peel the jacket such that the wires are exposed about 1 inch.
  • With the wire strippers cut away the jacket and the strips of paper between the wires. Use the strippers to remove the insulation from the tips of the wires.
  • With the screwdriver loosen the screws holding the new plug together. Open it up to reveal three interior screws. Unscrew each of them slightly, but do not let them fall out.
  • On the end of the cord with the stripped wires, grab the wire covered in black insulation. Twist the wire strands together to prevent any strand from being left out. Now, slide the exposed wire under the gold screw and tighten the screw such that no stray strands of copper wire remain outside the screw.
  • Follow the same technique for all the three wires, placing them under the respective screws and tightening them down.
  • After connecting all the three wires to the plug, close the plastic flaps of the plug together. Make sure the insulating jacket is covered by the plug's cover. In case the individual wires are still visible after the plug is closed, open it up again and shorten the wires.
  • Replace and tighten to secure the plug. To check the plug, put in the socket and try running the appliance attached to it.

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