Cleaning marble properly requires you to follow some basic tips and make a bit of effort. In this article, we will tell you how to clean marble surfaces.

How To Clean Marble

Marble surface, be it your flooring or your countertop, appears extremely good and imparts a distinctive look to the house. However, the problem with a marble surface is that not only is it expensive to install, but is also very difficult to maintain. Marble is very porous in nature and hence, it soaks the things that are dribbled on it. The cleaning, thus, requires some cautions, so that there are no scratches over the marble, which reduce its quality. In fact, the various cleaning problem posed by marble surfaces is the reason why many people tend to avoid them altogether. However, the right tips and a little bit of effort on your part can make your marble look clean and well maintained in no time at all. For all those who want to know how to clean marble, we have provided the best ways and tips in the following lines.
Tips for Cleaning Marble 
  • In case anything spills on a marble surface, wipe it with a damp cloth almost immediately. The more you let the spill sit, the more stubborn will the resultant stain be.
  • While wiping marble, always make use of a damp rag. Thereafter, buff- dry it, using a chamois cloth.
  • For removing stubborn stains from marble surface, make use of neutral, non-abrasive cleaners, like acetone, hydrogen peroxide & clear ammonia.
  • Mix liquid dishwashing detergent with some warm water. Take a sponge, dip it in the solution and use it to clean your marble. Thereafter, buff-dry it with a chamois cloth.
  • In case your marble has become dull, you can brighten it once again by using a commercial marble cleaner and polish.
  • For removing rust stains from marble, a commercial rust stain remover is the best. However, do not let it sit on the marble for too long.
  • In case of organic stains like tea, coffee or soft drink, use a poultice soaked with 20 percent peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.
  • If oil stains on marble are bothering you, dust the area with an absorbent fine powder, like whiting or corn starch and let it stand for 24 hours. Thereafter, wipe with ammonia-dampened cloth, rinse and wipe-dry.
  • You can also try grapefruit, by cutting it into half and then dipping it into salt, to remove stains. Rub it with the grain and wipe it out with a damp cloth. Pat the marble dry, for a shining surface.
  • After cleaning marble, polish it with marble polish containing tin-oxide. In case of marble floors, you can also use a stone sealer. 
  • Never use acidic solutions like vinegar, lemon or bathroom cleansers and alcohol for cleaning, as it will strip the surface of the marble.
  • If you are using dishwashing detergent to clean the marble, make sure to rinse and dry it thoroughly, to avoid any accident.
  • Always use a pot holder or towel before placing any hot pot on the marble. Never place it directly, as it will harm the surface of marble.

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