If there is one way to effectively utilize a child’s inquisitive nature, it is through inventions. Learn invention ideas that kids can have fun with.

Invention Ideas For Kids

For kids, the world is just their laboratory and each day in life is a new experiment. They are completely aware that the world is still opening up to them each day and offering them new possibilities to consider, newer avenues to venture into and new pieces of information that they could put to use. In fact, grownups like us cannot keep pace with their level of inquisitiveness and their thought processes. They always seem to have too many questions to ask, which seem silly to us because we often forget how we may have asked many of those questions ourselves when we were at their age. The best way to tap their inquisitive nature is to get them to invent something – a craft, an item of utility, a simple or silly machine and so on. Here are some easy inventions ideas that kids would love to engage themselves with.
Easy Invention Ideas For Kids
Some people have the crazy habit of keeping the book upside down, in an open position so as to not lose the page. Others have a habit of keeping a ten-rupee bill between the pages as a bookmark. For all such people, a bookmark would be a great gift. All it needs it some cardboard, sketch pens or colors, chart paper and glue, one could decorate the top of the book mark with colourful sketches of cartoon characters or animals – especially a bug or worm to signify a bookworm or a book bug – or write something inspirational on it.
Miniature Volcano
This is a simple and interesting way to teach a child how various chemicals react. Set an empty soda bottle inside a large dish or pan and fill the pan with sand till the neck of the soda bottle – make sure, however, not to put any sand inside the bottle. Now put baking soda inside the bottle and slowly add vinegar to it. As the bubbles pour out of the soda bottle, your child will love it.
Musical Instruments
Several musical instruments can be made using the stuff that we usually throw away as waste. One can create a banjo using a used shoebox. All you need to do it cut a circular hole in the middle and stringing along the length of the box, large rubber bands of varying thickness. Thus, one can use ideas of such kind to come up with interesting stuff for children.
Since most of the electronic items that we see around us work on the principles of electromagnetism, teaching a child that electricity and magnetism are related was never easier than helping them make an alarm clock. It is simple to make and is usually a part of every electronic or electromagnet kit. Since most kids are often amazed by technological and electronic wonders, if they build it themselves, they would end up feeling worthy and grown up.
Protect The Egg
This project has been the one that really made many young school going students wrack their brain. They are made to come up with a way to prevent an egg from breaking when it is dropped form a height; they are, however, not allowed to use cotton wool as that would be way too easy.

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