Do you want to know how to wake up early? If yes, steer through this article to learn a few neat tips on how to wake up early.

How To Wake Up Early

The saying “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” by Ben Franklin is still used to motivate people who love to sleep and laze around in bed for a long time. Waking up early has innumerable benefits and will leave you in awe once you experience it for yourself. Waking up early than you usually do will provide you with the extra time you have always yearned for. It is this time that you can use to accomplish all the tasks you used to always only dream of indulging in. The only thing that probably stops you from giving yourself a great start by waking up early is your sleeping habit that you’ve built up over the years. You might have tried in the past to reverse these habits, but might have faced disappointment. This is because without the right approach it is quite difficult to break out of your sleeping habits. If you want to learn a few smart tips that will help you wake up early each morning, read on.

Waking Up Early

Have A Good Reason
This is one of the most effective of all tips to wake up early every morning. Instead of just setting the alarm to wake up early, sleep with a good reason in mind to wake up early. If you have a strong reason to wake up for, your mind will automatically get trained to wake up early in order to accomplish the task.

Go To Bed When Sleepy
Many people believe that going to bed the same time every night is the key to getting up early in the mornings. However, it is not the same with all and sundry who even after trying this trick find themselves snoring till late in the mornings. Each day is different from the other and makes you go through different events which have different levels of stress on your body. Therefore, trying to go to bed the same time everyday regardless of your day’s work means you won’t always be tired enough to go to sleep the moment you hit the sack.

Go To Bed Earlier
Though the previous point argues about the necessity to go to bed only when you feel tired; it is vital at the same time that you go to bed early. Make it a point to go to bed early and not stay up past midnight. The earlier you go to bed, the fresher you will feel when you wake up. It is essential for your body to get the required amount of sleep in order to feel fresh and energetic the following day.

Sleep More Effectively
Sleeping well does not necessarily go hand in hand with long hours of sleep. At times you might feel tired, drowsy and clumsy even after a good stretch of 6-8 hours of sleep. Sometimes, you might be all alert, energetic and cheerful even after having slept for just a few hours. It is how well you sleep and not how long you sleep that determines your state the next morning.

Use Two Alarms
An easy way by which you can succeed in getting yourself out of bed is by setting two alarms. Set the first alarm which will act as your snooze alarm and set it a few minutes earlier than alarm 2. Setting up two alarms gives you some time to regain your senses and finally wake up completely to switch off the second alarm.

Build And Follow A Routine
The human mind responds well to set routines and soon forms this routine into a habit. A good routine to fashion your body and mind will be to finish all your tasks as early as possible and then start slowly unwinding by either taking a nice hot bath or by reading a book. Try doing this continuously for a few days and you will soon notice yourself getting sleepy as soon as you have leafed through a few pages of the book.

You might have tried real hard in the past, but waking up early still looks like a big task. Following the above mentioned techniques will help you wake up early and get rid of the bad sleeping habit that you have been used to all these years.

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