Unclogging a clogged ear seems to be the biggest problem when you are down with cold. Find out information on how to unclog ears.

How To Unclog Ears

As soon as the weather changes, many of us come down with cold. The result is a running nose and clogged ears. At times, the problem of clogged ears becomes more irritating than running nose, because it makes the head feel heavy, leads to hearing problems, and so on. Apart from cold, even respiratory infections and allergic reactions might lead to the problem of clogged ears. After knowing the possible reasons behind the problem, let us explore the solution to it. In the following lines, we have mentioned a number of tips that you can use for unclogging a clogged ear.
How to Unclog Ears
You Need
  • Antihistamine
  • Chewing Gum
  • Hot Shower 
  • If you are suffering from clogged ears, try to swallow repetitively or chew a gum. At times, it helps in opening the tubes that go from the ears to the throat and results in unclogging of the ears.
  • If the clogging is not too much, try to take a full breath of air and then hold it for a few seconds. Now close your nose by pinching it and blow against it. It might help unclog the ears.
  • Take a hot shower and after bathing, remain within the bathroom for at least 10 minutes. The steam created from the bath might help you unclog the ears.
  • In case of severe clogging of ears, you can make use of antihistamine also. 
Hydrogen Peroxide Method 
  • Boil some water and allow it to cool down, till it remains only warm. Now, pour some of it in a bowl.
  • Add hydrogen peroxide to the water, either in the same amount as the water or slightly lesser.
  • Take an ear syringe and fill it with this solution.
  • Lie down on your side and pour the solution into your ear, with the help of the syringe.
  • Keep lying down for 5 to 15 minutes. You will start hearing a bubbling sound in your ear.
  • As soon as the bubbling sound stops, place an empty cup over the ear in which you put the solution and turn. The melted wax will drain into the cup.
  • Repeat with the other ear.

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