Find out amazing ways about how to survive a fall. These tricks about surviving a fall would enable you to escape a long fall and save yourselves.

How To Survive A Fall

You like skydiving. But have you ever thought the consequences if your parachute refuses to work? Take another case. You are at the roof of a skyscraper. You try to see the road below. At that very time, something unusual happens, and you find yourselves speeding towards the crowd. Very scary thought indeed. Here are some tips regarding how to survive a long fall. These would not guarantee the survival but, undoubtedly, increase the chances.
Slowing Down
This would not work until you are falling from an airplane. Spread yourself out and maximize the surface area. Front of your body should face the ground. The head and the legs should tilt backwards. Stretch your arms with your elbows bending a little. Spread your legs and relax your body.
Finding the Right Landing Spot
Once again you can do this only when falling from a great height. You can exercise some control on your horizontal or vertical travel. If you have jumped from a plane you could travel a couple of miles before landing. First get in the arch position described above. For moving forward, pull your arms slightly back at the shoulders. Extend your arms and bend your knees to travel backwards. Twist your upper body slightly to the right for right turns. Twist left for left turns.
Land Feet First
Always try to land on your feet. The feet absorb the impact force and protect vital organs from damage. If you are in any other position while falling, try to land on your feet when hitting the ground. Try to ensure that both feet touch the ground together.
Rolling on the Ground
By rolling on the ground, you can absorb the impact greatly by moving your body's force across the ground. As soon as you hit the ground put your arm under your leg and move your head as close to your chest as possible. However, if you have bounced off the ground after landing, don't role.
Keep your body in relax mode. Tense muscles will transfer force more effectively to your vital organs. Case studies of long-fall survivors have proved that those who kept their body relaxed during the falls suffered lesser injuries than those who panicked.
After the Bounce
The earth tends to bounce a person if he lands with his feet. The person should try to land on his sides or back after the bounce.
Immediate Medical Help
Whether you feel the impact of the fall or not, seek immediate medical help. You could have serious internal injuries.

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