Falling asleep quickly is a luxury that only a few of us have, at least in the present days. Just go through the tips given below and know how to fall asleep fast.

How To Fall Asleep Fast

Throughout the day, we  keep running from one place to the other - to the gym in the early morning; office, school or college after breakfast; hobby classes in the evening and finally, home at night. This hectic pace of life leaves us utterly tired and we want to go off to sleep the moment our head hits the pillow. However, very few people are able to achieve that. In fact, majority of us spend anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, tossing and turning in the bed, waiting for sleep to come. Do you count yourself one amongst the majority? Then, the following lines, listing tips on how to fall asleep fast, would surely prove to be useful.
Falling Asleep Quickly 
Bedtime Routine
Establish a bedtime routine and follow it diligently, on an everyday basis. For instance, you might take a shower half an hour before going to bed, then drink a cup of hot chocolate (while sitting on the reclining chair) and read a boring book in the bed. As you do this on a regular basis, your body will recognize it as a sign of relaxation and prepare itself for a good night's sleep.
Try Relaxation
When you are all ready to sleep, lie down on the bed and start the relaxation procedure. Make your breathing slow and deep and release the muscles in your toes. Now, move towards you feet, then legs, followed by knees and all the way up to your head. You should feel each and every part of your body relaxing. Close your eyes and find yourself falling asleep.
Act Sleepy
If you want to feel sleepy, you need to act sleepy as well. So, make sure that after you get into the bed, all your movements are slow. Avoid tossing and turning with a jerk. Rather, move slowly, just as you think you would do, when in deep sleep. As you act sleepy for a few minutes, you will start feeling drowsy and ultimately, go to sleep.
Indulge In Imagination
After you lie down in the bed, keep all the tensions and worries out of your mind. Do not play over in your mind, the events that took place in that day. Rather, try to imagine yourself doing something that you enjoy, something very relaxing. For instance, you can conjure up an image of sitting amidst a meadow of flowers, with the soft wind blowing in your face.
Play Music
Music, the food for your soul, can help you a great deal in falling asleep quickly. Just before you get down to bed, put a CD in the player, with soft and soothing music. For instance, you can go for classical music or even instrumental soft numbers. Don't think about anything, rather concentrate on the music. However, make sure that you don't play foot-tapping numbers, further keeping sleep at bay.  
More Tips 
  • Scenting your pillow with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as lavender oil and sandalwood oil, can help calm you down and make your eyes droopy.
  • Never ever shut your eyes tightly, while trying to go off to sleep. Rather, close them gently, feel sleepy and avoid looking at the watch time and again.

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