Is your puppy constantly biting and nipping you and your prized possessions? Check out these training tips on how to stop your puppy from biting.

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting

Easy to own, difficult to manage! This is the tagline that most puppies enter your house with. While some of you may be lucky enough to find a puppy that obeys your commands, but it’s you who has to after the pet most of the times. Something that starts as a bit of fun and enjoyment can turn out to be a too hefty possession. As such, controlling and managing your puppy from biting and chewing your hands, your legs, your clothes, or even your things can be a real challenging task. While it’s normal for a puppy to explore the outside world with his mouth just like a human child does with his hands, but finding a puppy indulging in too much of such a teething behavior requires an instant check. To make your task easier, we present you some training techniques that you can utilize to stop your puppy from biting, nipping, gnawing, and chewing on you and other items.
Training Your Puppy To Stop Biting
Designate A Teething Toy
Since your pet is a puppy, it will take some time to identify the things that it is biting into. Further, to prevent your puppy from digging and gnawing on your possessions, start training him once he turns six weeks. To keep him away from biting, assign a teething toy to him so that he does not target other things. However, this toy may not necessarily be a dog toy but one of your favorite shoes or articles of clothing. Be ready to make this sacrifice. After all, isn’t it better to give him his desired toy rather than allowing him to chew several items?
Act Smart
While indulging in play with your puppy, always keep the designated toy close to yourself. Whenever he attacks one of your things, divert his mind towards his toy by asking him to get the toy while placing it in his mouth. You’ll have to repeat this action a number of times to make him understand the meaning of the word “toy”. Remember, your puppy will not understand long sentences or abusive behavior, such as slapping or kicking. As such, avoid attacking your pet this way.
Continued Reinforcement
Continue practicing the act of asking your puppy to get the toy until he truly understands your commands and what you want from him. Whenever he opens his mouth for biting or chewing onto your body parts or any of your things, place the teething toy into its mouth. Though your puppy may take sometime, but it surely will get used to it. As such, you should continue training him until he instantly acts on your command “Get your toy”.
Stop Playing
Puppies are a source of enjoyment and play. Thus, this step would prove to be a little harder for most of you since you’ll have to stop playing with your pet. Do not consider it as a punishment for your puppy, but as a guidance to prevent him from biting. During playtime, whenever he starts biting, stop your play immediately. Giving your puppy his teething toy always will encourage him to bite into something rather than getting rid of that habit.
Hire A Professional
The above being one of the many methods, there are several techniques to stop your puppy from biting. Further, most dog trainers have their own ways and commands to inculcate this behavior. You can seek help from a professional dog trainer and follow their advised training regimen to get rid of this irritating habit of your puppy.
By following the techniques enlisted here and some intense love and care, you can easily stop your puppy from biting.

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