Ear piercing can be done at home, using a sterilized needle specially designed for the purpose. Explore the instructions and tips given in this article and learn how to pierce your ears at home.

How To Pierce Your Ears

In this fashion-conscious world, earring has become a piece of jewelry that both men and women love to flaunt. People do not hesitate to get different parts of their ears punctured, just to assert that they are also in with the present fashion trends. The basic process of piercing remains almost the same, although you can puncture the ear in as many as nine different locations of the body part. Piercing is considered truly a professional skill. However, you can puncture your ear, specifically its lobe, to wear an ornament, even at home. Check out the lines below and know how to pierce your ears easily, without causing much pain.
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Ear Piercing At Home 
  • Dip a cotton ball in cold water. Place it on the portion of your ear that is going to be pierced, for about 30 - 40 seconds. This is to numb the portion, so that you feel less pain.
  • Purchase a needle, which comes in a sterile package. Make sure that it is unused and clean.
  • Clean your earring first, and then your ear, with few drops of rubbing alcohol.
  • Place a small slice of potato on the back side of your ear. You may also use a piece of washcloth instead. This way, the skin of your ear will not get torn, when the needle is pushed.
  • Position the needle in a bent angle. Now, wiggle it slightly into the ear and make a hole.
  • Wipe the drops of blood, coming off your ear lobe, with a cotton ball.
  • Remove the piercing tool, after a big enough hole has been created.
  • You are through the process of piercing your ear! You may now put the earring through the hole, in a gentle manner. 
  • Clean the piercing needle, with rubbing alcohol, thoroughly before using it. Make sure that it is sterilized.
  • Have something handy, to clean the blood dripping from your ear, when it is pierced.
  • In case piercing has wounded your ear, clean it with a salt water solution. Do it daily, until it gets healed fully. Do not use rubbing alcohol for the purpose.
  • Do not use a piercing gun, when you are undertaking the process at home.
  • Never rotate the piercing needle, when it is pushed into the ear lobe. It may tear the skin, causing a serious injury.

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