Mambo is a couple dance that largely involves proper hand-foot coordination of the dancers. In this article, you will learn how to do the basic steps of mambo.

How To Mambo

Originated in Cuba, ‘Mambo’ is the creation of a musician named Perez Prado, who introduced this dance form at La Tropicana night-club in Havana, in 1943. The music for this Latin dance was highly influenced by Jazz musicians. The magical effect of Mambo is attributed to the footwork of its dancers. The original form of this dance still exists in Cuba. In the present time, the ballroom variations of Mambo are taught in many dance studios. If you want to learn the basic steps of this dance, read this article. Given below are the steps on how to go about tapping your feet in the Mambo dance.
How To Mambo 
  • Place your feet together and stand straight, facing your partner. Your right hand should be placed on your partner’s waist. Meanwhile, your partner has to keep her left hand on your right shoulder.
  • Extend your left hand and raise the palm up, with your arm bent to your side. Ask your partner to bend her right elbow and place her right hand’s palm gently, on your outstretched palm.
  • Grasp your partner’s hand loosely, when she places her palm on yours.
  • Wait for the music to get started. When you listen to the first beat, get ready to start your dance, on the next beat.
  • On the second beat, you should move your right foot backwards, while your partner will step forward with her left foot in the front.
  • When you listen to the third beat, transfer your weight to your left foot. Meanwhile, your partner should follow you by doing it in the reverse direction.
  • On the fourth beat, shift your weight to your right foot. On the other side, your partner will follow you by reversing the direction, just as she did in the previous step.
  • After pausing on the fifth beat, again, take a step forward with your left foot and move your weight on it, when you listen to the sixth beat.
  • Transfer your weight to the right foot on the seventh beat.
  • The eighth beat will be the last one, when you have to move your weight to your left and take a step backwards, getting back to the position mentioned in step one.
  • Repeat the above steps the next time the music is played.

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