Since times immemorial, men and women have been keen to know how to make the hair grow longer in a healthy way. Dive in deep to find some effective tips to make hair longer.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer

The popularity for long hair has held the women yearning for longer, beautiful, straightened hair. This “crowning glory” makes them feel more feminine, sexy and allows them to create a variety of glam hairstyles. Gothic looks with long, jet-black hair and a few colored streaks are an all-time fashion statement and can be quite a ‘head-turner’. It is also believed that long hair not just beautify your body, but enhance your persona to a great extent. Hence, women have a strong desire to flaunt long locks and cast a spell on the people around. No wonder, cosmetic market has observed an avalanche of hair care products that help in hair growth. While some shampoos promise an increase of 3 inches in hair length in a span of three months, others assure longer and stronger hair with a money back guarantee. The ancient homemade remedies appear to be equally confident.  Are you stuck in a similar confusing state? Follow these tips to grow your hair longer and enjoy the much awaited attention!
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Tips to Make Hair Longer
Healthy Lifestyle
Balanced diet is the utmost important factor in order to produce a healthy head of hair. A meal that is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A & C enhances hair growth. Make sure that your meals contain optimum amount of fresh fruits, green-leafy vegetables, beans, lentils, spinach, raisins and lean meat.
Trim your Hair regularly
See your hairdresser regularly to get the split-ends and the rough, damaged ends trimmed as they are an obstruction to hair growth. If your hair is not very damaged too far up the length of the hair shaft, you may start with a very healthy trim and then continue to trim monthly.
Be Gentle
Approximately 70-150 hair fall off naturally in a day and that’s perfectly fine. However, if you are rash while brushing, then you may pull them all the more. Use your fingers to solve any knots or tangles if you have curls and then use the brush. You should brush your hair before shower in the morning. Avoid any kind of styling that involves pulling your hair at the root and stay away from tight ponytails or cornrows. Brush only as much as you need to style your hair.
Say No to Heating
While using flat iron and curling iron occasionally is usually fine (so long as the heat isn’t too high), you should minimize heat styling as much as possible. Blow drying, curling irons, hot rollers and especially flat irons or crimpers are a big ‘no-no’ if you want to grow your hair longer. Allow the hair to dry naturally even if it takes slightly longer. Remember, every time you heat your hair, it causes irreparable damage to the hair follicles.
Avoid any Harsh Chemicals
Do not use any peroxides on your hair. If you need to color, use shades of natural henna or other home-made organic hair products. Also, perming or straightening agents break down the chemical structure of your hair and rebuild it. The damage caused leads to breakage of hair. This is a suicidal attempt if you are trying to grow your hair long.
Know your Hair care Products
If you are using any styling products, first find its ingredients and determine if it suits your hair and scalp or not. Most of over-the-counter hair products, contain ingredients such as 'ammonium laurel sulfate' which can actually dry your hair out, and cause breakage and split ends. Even worse, they may contain silicon, which can be extremely bad for your hair.
Condition well
You should use leave-in conditioners besides the right shampoo and conditioner. You must also deep condition your hair at least once a month. This will help you maintain well-moisturized hair which is less prone to dryness and breakage.

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