Mystery interests everyone and if you look mysterious then you are sure to garner a lot of attention wherever you go. In this article, we tell you about how to look mysterious or mystifying.

How To Look Mysterious

Are you bored of the way you always look; the same old style of dressing, oscillating between the same sorts of colors, same old-tired hairstyle, and same routine? Psychologically it is a known fact, when we are stuck in the mundane and everything gives a feeling of exhaustion, we start to feel pulled-down and depressed. So, before you feel depressed and suffer from an existential crisis, change something about yourself. And what better way to feel an instant gratification than to change something about you, physically. And if you are an adventurous kind, then why not try a mysterious look. Imagine all the attention you will catch. The curiosity on the faces of your peers is bound to bring in that much awaited excitement, in your life. Well, the good part is that you can get to have some fun with your new mysterious look and then when you eventually get bored of it, then you can shift back to your old-original style, which will infact make people around you more confused. It really is fun to be unpredictable, to leave people perplexed about your intensions. The shift in your looks will definitely bring in a shift in your personality and you can innovate new ways to have fun with it. Ample of attention and inquisitiveness is guaranteed. Here are some simple tips to help you be a little less predictable and a little more mysterious:
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Try A New Look
Give yourself a new hair-do, preferably the kind that grabs attention instantly. If you have long hair then try a funky short hair style. Nothing catches more attention than a new hair style. Try some shocking colors for your hair. Dye a few streaks in red, pink or purple color, or just go all the way, try Rihanna’s all-red hairstyle. Whatever you are comfortable with. You would have to come out of your comfort-zone to try a new look but be careful to not go overboard with it. Go to an extent, where you can handle it and carry it off with panache. You can also try new colors in your make up. If you use subtle colors, then do not be shy to try some striking colors in lipsticks, eye shadows and nail-paints. Next time you go on a night out with your friends, surprise them with your new avatar. They will shower you with questions which will make you feel important.
Experiment With Different Clothes
Give it a 360 degree change. If you wear Indian clothes more often then switch to western, and if you have always worn western then try some Indo-western look. You can stylize your attire with something vintage or antic. You can wear a beautiful, Rajathani hand-crafted neck-piece on a deep neck western outfit. Anything that attracts people’s attention to it, whether it is unusually high-heels or florescent- colored stockings, should be a part of your wardrobe. Try colors like deep-purple, red, electric-blue, and parrot-green. Don’t worry whether it suits your skin tone or not. If it is in contrast then our purpose is solved. The more it differs strikingly from your skin-tone or hair-color or personality, the more it will make you look mysterious.
Try A Different Personality
To try a new personality, a new tone to your voice or a new style of talking, would go perfectly with your new mysterious look. If you have always been a plain Jane then it is time to be a little naughty. Flirt around a bit, leave hints, you do not have to necessarily act on it. Adapt a more confident attitude; feel like you are very comfortable with yourself. It will show in your personality, which will attract a lot of people towards you. If you feel a bit shy to adapt to a new personality with the people whom you have known for many years, then start afresh with strangers. Join some social activity, like salsa dance classes or reading groups, and be a completely different person with these new people. You can also learn a new language and start conversing with people in that language. Imagine you are in an official meeting and the client is French. All through the meeting everyone spoke in English, but at the end of it you get up and approach the French client and speak with him in his native language. The look on the faces of your colleagues will be worth all the tedious efforts put into learning of a new language. You will instantly gain a certain supremacy over your peers. 
Change Your Approach Towards The Opposite Sex
It’s been a while that you have been eyeing this particular guy in your class or your office. Make a move and ask him out. Change your approach with the opposite sex. Surprise people around you with your neo-outlook for things and people. May be in the beginning you will feel a bit shy or be ridiculed by someone but do not give up. Always remember that if you want to be a trend-setter then you need to raise people’s curiosity and sometimes face criticism. If you are ready to pay this little price, then you can enjoy the uncountable rewards of your mystic new self.

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