Do you have sparse hair growth on your face and want to know how to speed up its growth? If yes, explore this article for some tips on how to grow facial hair.

How To Grow Facial Hair

From being considered a symbol of manhood to being seen as a style statement, facial hair has always been a topic of discussion and concern among men for quite some time now. The first glimpse of facial hair in men during teenage years brings along with it dreams of flaunting different styles of beards. Facial hair grows with the age of a person and depends upon the levels of testosterone in a person. However, you might notice a vast difference in the patterns and the growth rate of facial hair in men. For some facial hair grows much faster and thicker than others, and for some there is no facial hair growth at all. This difference in the pattern and growth rate of facial hair in men is because of various genetic and environmental factors that differ from person to person. If you have dreamt about a particular beard style and want to sport it, but can’t due to insufficient hair growth, there may be some help for you in the write up. Read on to learn a few tips on growing facial hair faster in the sections that follow.

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Tips On Growing Facial Hair
  • You should realize and understand the fact that the growth of facial hair comes with age. The older you are, the higher the count of testosterone, which in turn will increase the growth of hair on your face. Therefore, it may be useful to wait for a few months for your facial hair to grow.
  • Your genetic background can also be one of the causes of less hair on your face. There are certain races that have less facial hair than the others. Therefore, it is advisable to check your genetic background before taking up any measures, because if you are old enough with high testosterone levels, then your genes might be the cause of you having less facial hair.
  • One of the simplest and easiest of all measures that can be adopted to increase the growth and thickness of your facial hair is to shave on a regular basis. Shaving regularly will boost the growth rate of facial hair.
  • There are several products available in the market specifically made for men to support hair growth. These products work by enlarging the hair follicles. Regular use of these products increases hair growth because enlarged hair follicles allow a prolonged growth phase of facial hair.
  • Another simple way to make your facial hair grow faster is by making a few changes in your diet. By increasing your protein consumption, the growth rate of your facial hair will increase as well. Intake of protein speeds up the hair growth process because hair is made up of ‘keratin’ which is also a protein. A high protein intake has shown results in improving hair growth on the head, and there is a possibility of it improving facial hair growth as well.
  • It is believed that if the testosterone level in the body increases, it will lead to speeding up of  facial hair growth. One way by which you can satisfactorily increase the testosterone levels in your body is by indulging in heavy exercises like weight lifting, by staying away from smoking and by getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each day.
  • There are some testosterone booster injections which are available. But, these should be avoided since these injections might interfere with the body’s natural hormone balance.
  • Minoxodil, a drug which was initially used to reduce blood pressure levels is also considered to be effective in helping facial hair grow faster and thicker. This drug might prove to be effective, but there is no substantial proof on the effectiveness of this drug. There are even certain tapes that help in the growth of facial hair as well. However, the result of using these hair growing tapes is also unknown.

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