Shirts come in different styles to suit any figure, occasion or personal taste for both men and women. Browse through this article to discover the various types of shirts.

Types Of Shirts

You have a function coming up soon in the near future, but you are not at all excited about the same. Reason? You have a limited range of shirts dedicated solely either for office wear or casual time. Do not fear. The fashion industry offers you attires fulfilling all your needs and tastes. Be it any occasion whether professional settings, a night out, exercising or any casual outing, you have a shirt at your end. Available in numerous fabrics, colors and patterns, you will only end up getting puzzled to pick the best amongst the best. Look through the following lines to find out the different types of shirts for both men and women.
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Different Kinds Of Shirts
Shirts For Men
Dress Shirt
Amongst all the types of shirts for men, dress shirts prove to be a little expensive. Long sleeves with button-down collars, dress shirts come in several designs and colors. Their lightweight and crisp sleek lines make them popular amongst most men. Team them with a formal suit or a sports jacket, and you are all set to have those eyes locked on you throughout the day. Further, these shirts adjust to every kind of curve, so you need not bother about your bulging tummy.
Sports Shirt
Similar to a dress shirt in looks, a sports shirt fits body loosely. Available in long and short sleeves, a sports shirt is more versatile as it complements jeans and suit equally. Sports shirts form the uniform of most military and blue collared jobs.
Polo Shirt
A polo shirt is a short-sleeved shirt considered a little dressier than the usual the short-sleeved casual shirts. Also, known as the golf shirt, a polo shirt is popularly worn by polo players in Europe and golfers in America. It is characterized by a collar and three or four buttons on the top front of the shirt.
Men’s Jersey
A long-sleeved, non-collared shirt gives you a men’s jersey. No buttons, solid colored, and semi-fitted, defines the characteristics of a men’s jersey. In short, a men’s jersey is a pullover that fits you over your head down to the waist. Though traditionally these jerseys were available only in solid colors, you can very well find them in assorted patterns today.
Tuxedo Shirt
For a clean and chic formal look, put on a tuxedo shirt underneath a tuxedo. Not worn casually, a tuxedo shirt is generally worn on weddings or to the opera and is often covered by a tuxedo jacket. A tuxedo shirt is white in color with long sleeves and buttons down the front. The front is pleated down and is completed with a collar tightly closed with a bow tie.
Shirts For Women
Generally worn by professionals, a blouse is one of the most common shirts for women. A blouse can be either short or long-sleeved fitting different seasons and occasions. It always comes with a collar with buttons either completely down the shirt or partial buttoning with the rest bottom of the shirt in a single piece of fabric.
Spaghetti Strap Shirt
Try out the spaghetti strap shirt for a casual setting or summers. Wear it on its own or team it up with a light sweater or shrug (light or jacket sweater open in the front with unique sleeves). Spaghetti strap shirts are made of light fabrics with skinny, spaghetti straps providing the wearer utmost comfort. These are found in various patterns and styles to reveal a trendy and cool look. They are best sported with jeans, skirts and shorts.
A t-shirt is one classic piece of clothing that never goes missing from any woman’s closet or drawer. Usually worn on casual events with jeans, it forms a part of the popular phrase ‘jeans and t-shirt’ in the fashion vocabulary. Amongst all the shirt styles, a t-shirt is the easiest, most affordable, and most comfortable to sport. Simply put on a T-shirt and you are set to look fantastic and ready to go on.
The fact that a camisole can be used as a sleeping garment makes it one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Made from simple fabrics like cotton or high-class cloths like silk, a camisole can be worn with any kind of dresses. Right from sweaters to suit jackets, a camisole fits into all attire perfectly. And if your fabric has the oh-so-gorgeous cut and style, you can put on the camisole on its own as well.
Tank Shirt
A tank shirt has wide straps and no sleeves; hence, it is generally preferred by exercising women. It is a comfortable piece of clothing since it hides the straps of the support bras beneath them. However, it can be worn with jeans on casual events also.

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