Milk blisters are painful especially for the breast-feeding mothers. Read on to know how to get rid of a milk blister.

How To Get Rid Of A Milk Blister

A milk blister, often also called as bleb or nipple blister happens after epidermal skin overgrows a milk duct and milk stack up behind the often, tiny bit of skin. It can also be termed in simple phrase as “milk under the skin”. A milk blister is typically clear white or yellow dot on the nipple. This small blister can be quite painful and can stay for several days and in some cases even weeks. Milk blisters occurs after milk gets sealed within milk duct by epidermis cells and sometimes it may get inflamed and become painful. There are various causes why a milk blisters occurs. Knowing the reasons why it happens can help us treat it well. Sometimes milk blister occur because of inundate of milk. Latching, sucking, or sometimes over pressure on the nipple can trigger milk blisters. Friction on the tip of the nipple tends to elicit blisters on that area which can occur because of excess sucking or because tongue problems. Milk blisters can also occur because of the presence of thrush. Thrush or yeast can appear in tiny or large white spots on nipples blocking milk ducts. Although it is best to consult doctor about the cure, there are some things, which you can do to get rid of a milk blister. Explore the given pointers to know the ways to treat milk blisters.
Treatment for Milk Blisters
  • The first thing, which you can do, is to take enough rest. However, don’t stop breastfeeding. You can keep on breastfeeding, if your kid doesn’t take the blister in his/her mouth. It will help you relieve from the pain.
  • Take warm shower before feeding the baby. It will relieve you from pain. You also need to nurse your kid much frequently as it will also help in relieving from pain.
  • One more thing, which you can do, is to massage the breast. Massaging helps in relieving the pain by clearing out the milk duct.
  • Milk blisters can also occur because of pumping. Always use a hospital grade pump and don’t use it too much.
  • You can also use ibuprofen if the pain is too much. However, before you take it, ask your doctor about it.
  • You can also take lecithin supplements to relieve you from pain. You can directly apply lecithin on the affected area. Applying in nice amount will help you relieve from pain.
  • You can also use vitamin E creams for application on the blister. Vitamin E is good for repairing cells. Apply a little amount on the blister and wash it off before breastfeeding.
  • You can also consult a lactation consultant. He will be able to give you proper support and guidance for milk blisters.
  • Apply hot packs on your breast. Keep a warm and moist compress on the blister. It will also help you relieve from pain.
  • You can also use a home remedial to get rid of milk blisters. Vinegar solution combined with grapefruit juice is good for treating blisters. Apply on the affected area for ten minutes and then wash it off. It is sure to give you relief from pain and is also helpful in increasing the healing process.
  • Take saline solution and apply it on the blister. Now apply the solution with hot water and epsilom salt on top of the saline solution. Now you can apply hot compress over it. It will clear off the duct and thus help you get rid of blebs.
  • If the pain is unbearable, visit your doctor.

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