If you want big muscles like those of Mr. Stallone, read this article about how to get bigger biceps. Building bigger biceps is not a cakewalk, but it definitely is not a Herculean task as well.

How To Get Bigger Biceps

The reason why Popeye had biceps on the wrong side of his arms (in his forearms rather than where they should have been) is not because he ate spinach at the most ungodly hours. It’s because even after he ate it, he wasted too much time running after Olive Oyl trying to save her from daily atrocities of his arch-nemesis, Bluto, when he should have spent the actual time focusing on his regular diet and exercising. Point being, until and unless you sort out a proper fitness regimen, you may keep eating what’s good for your body and it won’t make an ounce of difference to your biceps, but will surely make pounds of difference to your belly. Come to think of it, biceps are probably the only muscle which men can flaunt, considering their visibility and a superficial quality to depict strength on behalf of the whole body. But having just flaps of meat, hanging from the upper portion of your arms, don’t just count as having biceps. They need to be groomed and worked upon hard, if you want to attach the word “biceps” to them. So, if you’re looking to add extra muscle to your bicep area and are willing to undergo all the grilling, then read further about how to get bigger biceps.
Building Bigger Biceps
Work Up The Appetite
You don’t grow into an adult from being a kid by pumping air into yourself. It’s the eating that makes you grow. And to get bigger biceps, you need to do exactly that - eat! Eat like your life depends on it now, more than anytime else. Make way for balanced intake of proteins and carbohydrates if you want to gain on more muscle. Protein-rich diet of fish, eggs, and meat is an absolute inclusion. Also, include wheat bread, potatoes and brown rice for carbohydrates’ sake. Make sure to have a protein rich meal or a protein shake after each workout, as that is the time when our body tissues need proteins the most.
Work Up The Workout
Not only should you step up on your workout regimen, but you need to smart it up too. Concentrating solely on bicep exercises will only make them grow to an extent. Rest of your body muscles too need to grow in equal proportions and require equal attention. Include lunges and squats in your daily regimen too. Bring back exercises into the picture after your body gets accustomed to the bicep exercises. Also, keep adding more weight to your exercise equipments than what you used in the last workout. Don’t be hasty while exercising by doing more sets of longer durations. Feel the pressure being put on each of your muscles. Change your exercises every 2-3 months and don’t allow your body to mould itself into routine.
Rest & Sleep
You don’t have to labor it out the whole day. Resting and putting your body to sleep is equally important. Plan for biceps and back training on the same day, as it will give the muscles a good 4-5 days of rest before the next workout. Over training and over straining your biceps will not make them bigger, but will only add an injury. Get a good 8 hours of sleep each day, as it allows those strained muscles to repair themselves and get ready for the next workout.
Eat right, workout right, and sleep tight is what you need to do for building bigger biceps!

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