You don’t have to go outdoors or to the gym to be fit! Indoor exercises provide just as much results as any other. Here is a list of indoor workouts to take you from fat to fab!

Indoor Exercises

Is it winter season, are you ageing or just simply lazy to go to the gym/outdoors? This is no excuse for you not to work out as this article solves all your problems by giving you a list of indoor exercises you can feast on! Indoor exercises are those which are done in the confines of a room in your home and some people might even consider indoor exercising as going to a gym. Either way, you need to keep your metabolism rate up by working some of that fat off your body. The advantages of indoor exercises are that you don’t need too much time, space and facilities to carry it out; there is no requirement for a gym membership or any fancy equipment. It’s probably time to keep your New Year resolutions in shape too and start working on that flab instantly! Read more to find out the best indoor exercises for your body type.
Indoor Workouts


  • You need: very little space and, if you can invest, a pair of dumbbells – heavy or light depending on the intensity with which you want to keep going (even without dumbbells the exercise can be done).
  • Keep your feet slightly apart and bend your legs at the knees, keeping your back straight at all times. Try and push your buttocks out to achieve this.
  • The lower you can sit and stand, the better the exercise is.
  • Do about 20 reps of two times.
  • If you are using the dumbbells, then hold them out in front of you (at an arm’s distance away from your body).
Flexibility Exercises
  • You need: a considerable amount of space to move your arms around.
  • Stand with your feet together, slowly circle your arms so that you stretch your upper body.
  • Do this about 5 times with both arms.
  • Then, sit down and extend your knees out straight. Pump your ankles up and down to stretch the leg muscles out too.
  • This exercise reduces the excess fat on both your arms and legs.
  • You need to be careful of the ceiling for this particular exercise! Also, it warms the body up tremendously (for those living in cold conditions).
  • All you have to do is jump as high as you can. But, if you aren’t used to working out regularly, then you can start slow and low.
  • Beginners can do about 20 jumps and can slowly move onto about 50 jumping jacks. Do about 2-3 sets each time for breathers.
  • This calls for a solid weight loss and toning of the leg muscles too.
  • You need a mat to lie on and immense patience! It is an unconventional way to lose weight.
  • The goodness of power yoga is that it quiets your mind, limbers your body and energizes you to the maximum.
  • For example. Take a mat and lie down. Slowly breathe in and out. As you are breathing in, push your stomach out and as you are breathing out, pull the same in. Continue this slowly for about 10 times.
  • It is an excellent way to lose tummy fat and it includes a good breathing technique.
These are a few indoor exercises you could use to shape your body in an efficient and easy manner! Hope this non-gymming, indoor regime does some good.

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