What good is a robust body if you don’t have big and tough arms to complement it? Wondering how to make your slim arms sturdy and athletic? With this article, find out how to get big arms fast.

How To Get Big Arms

Ask people around the world about their New Year resolution and you would find that eight out of ten people are aiming to lose weight in the coming year. If you too fall under the same category, we wish you good luck. But if by any chance, you are on the other side of the picture, that is looking forward to put on some mass and that too on your lean arms, then thank your stars for you’ve finally come to the right place. The physique of a man looks attractive, only if he has weight on his arms. Thin arms are a complete disaster to the entire look. Big arms makes a man look robust and well built. It enhances the personality and makes the person look fuller and brawny. You might think that adding mass just to the arms and not the entire body can be difficult, but note that you can stack your arms with additional weight by simply doing some weight lifting exercises at home or in gym. However, exercise alone would not bring any result. You need to couple it with sufficient intake of protein and a good amount of rest, for the better, faster and effective results. Learn how to get big arms fast with some exercises in the following lines.  
Getting Big Arms Fast
Chin Ups
Go to a park near you house having a bar swing or find a bar at home only. Stand below the bar and hold it with arms above your head. The distance between your arms must be of shoulder width. Now pull yourself up slowly. It is better to cross your leg so that they are not hanging loose over the ground. Keep on pulling yourself up till your chin is above the bar. Once you are up enough, touch your chin to the bar and then lower yourself down slowly, without touching the ground. Do the same in 3 sets with 20 repetitions in each. It will greatly help to build muscles. Once you have increased your stamina, you can raise the difficulty level of this exercise by changing the distance between your hands; bring the variations by increasing or decreasing the distance.
Chair Dips
This exercise is excellent for triceps. Take two very strong chairs which can hold your weight easily. Arrange the chairs in such a manner so that their backs face each other. Leave enough space between them so that you can comfortably stand between the two backs. Once you have arranged the chairs, stand in between them and place your hands on the highest portion of the chairs. Now start lifting yourself up slowly and simultaneously folding your legs so that they are above the ground. Maintain this position for sometime and then slowly lower your arms and to lower down your entire body, do a dip until the arms can not bend anymore. Again come up. In the entire process, don’t let your feet touch the ground. Repeat it as many times as you can. Do not forget to take rest after some repetitions. Once you gain a lot of stamina, divide this exercise in sets. The difficulty level can be increased by putting the chairs at a shorter distance. You can also attach ankle weights for more intensity.
Push Ups
This exercise is the most popular, effective and recommended to get big arms. It is basically a bicep exercise. Put one exercise mat on the floor and lie on it with your stomach on the floor. Now place your palms under your shoulders and flat on the ground. The distance between the hands must be shoulder width. Your toes should touch the ground with the heels up in the air. Start lifting yourself up till the time your arms are completely off the floor. Simultaneously, tighten your abs muscles. Never lock your elbows, keep them slightly bent. It ensures no risk of injury during this exercise.
Dumbbell Exercises
There are a number of dumbbell exercises which works directly on the arm muscles and thus helps you getting big arms faster.
  • To get big arms, you can do bicep curls with the help of dumbbells or barbells. Stand straight and hold the dumbbells in both the hands with the palms toward you. Move the dumbbell up and down giving stress on your biceps. This exercise can be performed in various ways. You can also do this exercise while sitting as well. Do 3-5 sets of this exercise with 10-15 repetitions each.
  • Overhead triceps extension is a great workout to enhance those lean muscles and make them look well-developed. For performing this exercise, take a chair with a back rest and sit down comfortably on it. Hold the dumbbell with both the hands and take it over your head. Keeping the arms still, move the dumbbell up and down. Repeat it for 4-5 sets with 15-20 repetitions each.
Exercise alone won’t bring in any result if you do not complement it with some healthy food. While exercising, you need to maintain a proper diet having lots of proteins and carbs foods. Ideally, a person should have a gram of protein for every pound of the weight. A good amount of rest is also quite essential. Seven to eight hours of proper sleep would not only heal the body, but rejuvenate it for the next session of the workout.
Now you know how to get big arms fast, so get your shoes to perform these exercises with great concentration and dedication. Once you achieve your desired results, maintain it.

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