By building proper speed, strength, and reflexes, you can easily develop a strong punch. Check out the exercise given here and know how to make punch stronger.

How To Get A Stronger Punch

We find many people sweating in the gym everyday. Often, it is the idea of losing a few inches or toning some flabby muscles that makes them run endlessly in the treadmill, labor with the leg press, or simply perform tricky crunches. Apart from them, another group of fitness freaks exists who are keener on increasing the strength of their body. This is where the ‘punching bag’ comes. For many, it is the favorite toy to increase the power of their grip and to develop the strength and accuracy of their punch. Besides fiddling with a punch bag, some other basic exercises also help to get a stronger punch. If you want to know how to develop the strength and power of your punch, check out these exercise tips below.
Build Strength 
  • Take a push-up position and thrust yourself up. Now, clap you hands and return to the start. Repeat. This handclap push-up will help you to build strength of your hands and improve your hand speed. Start by doing at least three sets of 10 repetitions and then slowly increase.
  • In order to improve your arm strength, you can also try training with a bungee cord. Drape the bungee cord around your shoulders. Now, holding each handle of the cord, fling a variety of punches. Do this drill for 10 minutes everyday. 
Build Accuracy 
  • Take a rope and suspend it from the ceiling. Now tie an eyehook at the end of the rope and attach it with a piece of paper so that the paper hangs at your eye level. Begin by throwing punches at the paper while avoiding contact. Try variety of punching styles, all the while keeping contact to the minimum. Perform this exercise for 10 minutes everyday in order to increase your punching accuracy.
  • This drill requires a partner. Begin by taking a fighting position in front of your partner. Ask your partner to wear focus mitts and hold them at his chest level. Now, he should randomly turn one of the gloves and face it towards you. In case he holds his right hand up, punch with your right hand. Likewise, if he holds his left hand up, strike with your left hand. This exercise will also sharpen your reflexes and increase accuracy.

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