Do all your friends have girlfriends? Are you the only lonesome single? Do you feel left out when in their company? Worry not, for we give you tips on how to get a girlfriend in college.

How To Get A Girlfriend In College

Have you just enrolled yourself in a college? Are you excited about the new unseen and unexplored opportunities that are in store for you? Definitely yes! After the chronic humdrum and restricted life at school, college finally poses as the perfect place to expel out all the energies and live a life that you had only envisioned, heard about from your elder siblings or perhaps seen in movies and tele-series. Apart from giving life a new direction and a definite goal, college also adds a lot of fun and frolic moments in the life of a person. Freshers place their first step into a college with a lot of dreams, desires and aspirations. These desires are both academic and personal. Ask any guy and he would say that apart from bringing to life his goal, he also aspires to have a girlfriend in college. You would tag that as being juvenile but that is anything but juvenile for the person. As a guy, you might come across girls everywhere right from classes to parties, campus to bars in college. You might even like a few of them and have friendly interactions with them but everything just stops there. Every time you think of taking a step ahead, you retort two steps back. Lack of experience and confidence and your shy nature restricts you from approaching girls. If you want to get a girlfriend but don’t know how, you have come to the right place. Just read on further and get tips on, as to how to get a girlfriend in college.
Getting A Girlfriend In College
Active Nature
Socialize to get recognized. When you enter college, you would come across numerous extra curricular activities happening in your college. Active participation in these activities would introduce you to a number of girls. Try to enhance your social circle. This would give you an excellent chance to make lots of friends from the opposite sex, right in the beginning of the college years. After all, friendship is very important before proposing a girl you like. Also, these competitions and activities inject confidence. So enroll yourself in the activities offered by your college and exploit your social skills. Who knows, in the process you might end up having a girlfriend!
Hiding yourself is not a remedy. Agreed,you are of the shy types and feel awkward approaching girls or don’t have enough guts to be friends with them, but if you always keep yourself in a hidey-hole, know that you will never get a friend, forget girlfriend. The best way to find a girlfriend is to be amidst girls. Never always be in the company of your male buddies, as most girls never prefer talking to a guy hanging out with a big gang of boys. Be social or you would end up being single all through your college days.
Get this fact straight - you do not have to look like Tom Cruise to impress girls. Being what you are is the best method to make that long lasting impact. Although physical appearance is one of the primary and major factors that rule the roost when it comes to romantic association, but know that it is not the ‘only’ one. Make sure to keep yourself and your clothes clean. Girls like cleanliness and hygiene. Also, make sure that you smell good.       
Be Sure
Don’t be lost or you would soon go astray. You need to list out what is it that you are looking for in your girlfriend; lest you end hooking up with one who is exactly opposite of what you want. It is necessary to find out the most compatible match; or else the relationships would end up in an early break up, giving you more pain than joy. Youmustbeverysureaboutwhat traits are you expecting that the girl of your dreams should possess. Apart from the physical appearance, many other factors that hold great importance such as nature, thinking, family background, etc.
Asking Her Out
You have been in college for quite a few months now and have fallen for a girl. She seems to have everything that you had been looking for. Every time you look at her, chills run down your spine and you feel an adrenaline rush but the moment you think of articulating to her how you feel, your body starts shaking, your legs give up and you feel as if the whole world has come to an end. You need to realize she is not a sprite who would eat you up or smolder you with her powers. Find out opportunities to talk to the girl on your own. Take help from her academically. When she does so, thank her and ask for a lunch or coffee. This trick, somehow, always succeeds. This small trip to a coffee shop would give you a great opportunity to reveal your feelings in front of the girl.
Considering these tips of get a girlfriend in college will greatly help you. All you need to do is to take care of the points mentioned above and you would be surprised to have your dream lover locked in your arms for a long lasting relationship in the beginning of the college itself. Good Luck!

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