It’s easy to forget animosity, but forgetting love is new ball game altogether. Check out novel ideas on how to forget your love.

How To Forget Your Love

“With you I never wonder - you will be there for me. With you I never wonder - if you are the right one for me. I finally found the love of a lifetime. A love to last my whole life through, I finally found the love of a lifetime. Forever in my heart, I finally found the love of a lifetime.” So go the lyrics of the hit song ‘Love of a Lifetime’ by the iconic American hard rock band Firehouse. Sadly however, finding love to last a lifetime is definitely not as easy people would like it to be. However, when people think they find the love of a lifetime and end up losing it, they fall right into an abyss of depression and failed attempts made to forget past love. Like it makes no sense to cry over spilt milk, it doesn’t help to cry over past lovers. Moving on is the way to go. It’s understandable that it’s tough to forget your love, but that really doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Ways To Forget Your Love

Friends First
When recovering from a good relationship gone bad, the best thing to do is to surround yourself with friends. Friends here obviously mean the kind of friends who will cheer you up as opposed to reminding you about your love. Go out for a drink, coffee or a dinner and try to feel good about yourself. Share a few laughs, talk about your school or college days, basically indulge in those conversations that help cheer you up and have nothing to do with past love.

Go Picture-Free
Scout your room, scout your cupboard, scout your shelves and scout your computer for pictures of happier times with your ex and simply get rid of them. It may not be easy, but if you really want to move on with your life and forget all about your love, this is one thing that you just have to do. Hardly any choice here, really! 

Hunt For A Hobby
When you keep yourself busy doing something you love or something that you can learn to love, you may hardly have the time to think about anyone or anything. The catch in hunting for a hobby however lies in finding one that you can truly love. There is no point in picking up a hobby, because you just have to pick one to forget your love, and then hating it later on. What you have to strive to do is to find that one hobby or maybe two even that will transport you to a world in which thoughts about past love have no room.

Greener Pastures
So you have lost the ‘love of a lifetime’, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you! You can always look in greener pastures, you may never know, you may actually end up finding the love of your lifetime, and this time it may actually last for a lifetime. Anyway, if it’s love worth crying over, it better last a lifetime. However, in any case, don’t ever shut yourself into an enclosed personal space. That’s the last thing you should be doing, because it will only make you feel a lot more miserable than you want to. Remember, if you look hard enough and never stop trying, you are sure to find the love of that one person who can make your past loves seem boring, dull and so much easier to forget!

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