A tattoo is a personalised expression of one’s creativity/individuality. Here is an article dedicated to teach you how to draw your own tattoo. Hope you find these tips for drawing tattoos useful.

How to Draw Tattoos

How often do we dream about getting ourselves inked? Innumerable times, maybe! But, the decision always involves a lot of thought. And this is because a permanent tattoo requires a lot of research and careful introspection. A common tattoo design works well for amateurs but when you want to make a non verbal statement of your personality, designing the tattoo yourself is a good idea. You can always get your tattoo artist to ink you with what you have in mind. And a personalised design will only make you stand out of the crowd and make you feel good in your own skin. However, the trick is to do justice to the image in your mind. The design will come to you easily if you are artistically inclined. But worry not, if you don’t consider yourself creative for this article seeks to help you draw a tattoo nevertheless. The inspiration for your tattoo design can be from a million different places, for example nature, celebrity, known acquaintances or even media. Read on to find out more about how you can go ahead and draw your killer tattoo.

Tips For Drawing Tattoos

  • The first step is to decide where you want the tattoo. The location in the body where you want the tattoo will be an important consideration when you design it.
  • Visualise the design that you would want inked onto your body. If you are a girl, butterflies, hearts or stars maybe your fetish. For a guy, the common tattoo designs would be a dragon, skull or a scorpion.
  • After you have decided the kind of tattoo you want, now is the time you research. Ask your friends and look up websites for pictures of the design you are looking for. Take help from magazines and books as well.
  • Once you have found a picture that you would want to ink onto your body. Trace the design on your notepad. Randomly doodle and play around. Be bold and experiment with crazy ideas. The whole point of designing your own tattoo is to make it unique. So keep working on the design you have traced to remake a wacky design.
  • Keep making photocopies of the drafts. And see all the options and variations before going under the needle. Also, it is a good idea to keep backups, just in case your experimentation goes a little out of hand.
  • If you have visualised a colourful tattoo, add colours in due consideration of your skin tone. The tattoo on your skin should complement your complexion to look good on you. So, give the colour combinations a careful thought.
  • Keeping a basic design is always a good idea. Highly elaborate designs might not materialise on the skin the way you imagine them and that might cause uncalled-for disappointment.
  • Go to a reputed tattoo artist and explain, in detail, the way your design should be drawn from scratch. Be thorough with your design and practice it a couple of times before you explain it to the professional.
  • If you want a temporary tattoo, just trace the design from your notepad onto a butter paper. Place the butter paper wherever you want the tattoo and sketch the outline so that an imprint is formed on your skin. Make the lines of this imprint darker by using a black felt pen or ball point pen. Your tattoo is ready!

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