White shoes look elegant only when they are clean and tidy, which again is difficult as they get dirty very easily. Read below to learn how to clean white shoes.

How To Clean White Shoes

White shoes, be it canvas tennis shoes or fashionable pumps, certainly look good with any type of attire. White shoes lend a certain charm that can be described as aristocratic. For the fashion conscious, white shoes are an absolute must-have, something akin to frayed denims and the little black dress. But, white shoes, apart from being seen as a fashion statement, also have a downside. They are difficult, in fact very difficult to maintain. Keeping a pair of white shoes sparkling, spic and span is next to doing a dare devil task. For white shoes, have the tendency to get dirty so easily that unless you have your shoe shelf filled with white shoes, to wear the best one when you need, you will feel jittery every time you wear it. This is because unless your white shoes looks glowing and fresh as snow, they won’t be much of an eye candy. Therefore, you should clean your white shoes as often as possible. One thing that you should remember before you rush to clean your white shoes is that there are a wide variety of materials that the shoes are made of. And you should take proper care so that you don’t spoil the shoes. Given below are various tips on how you can clan white shoes depending upon the material from which it is made of.

Cleaning White Shoes

Canvas White Shoes
  • Use a clean and dry shoe brush to dust the canvas. Then scrub the dirty dry spots with a soft toothbrush dipped in a mild detergent.
  • Once you have completely removed the dirt spots using the toothbrush, spray the shoes with a fabric protector. Before applying the spray, it is better if you test it on a small portion of the shoe to see if it stains or not.
Rubber White Shoes
  • Wrap a damp cloth round your knuckles and with this scrub away the dirt, grime and mud away from the shoes.
  • Now rub a soap or put some soap on a cloth and rub vigorously on the shoes. Then brush the shoe thoroughly with a stiff brush.
  • Rinse the shoes under tap water.
Smooth Leather White Shoes
  • Take a soft cloth and remove dust and dirt from the shoe surface. Then remove the laces.
  • In a bucket of warm water, gently rinse the shoes inside and out. Make a solution of warm water and soap like saddle soap or dish-washing liquid or any regular hand soap.
  • Dip a brush in this soap solution and scrub every inch of the shoe. Make sure that you scrub very gently as leather can be very delicate. The scuff marks can be removed with a nylon backed brush.
  • Once again rinse the shoes in warm water both inside and out. Then stuff the shoes with paper towels to absorb the water and hasten the drying. Continue replacing the paper towels once they get damp.
  • Then hang the shoes to drip dry.
Suede White Shoes
  • Using a suede cleaning brush, gently remove the dust and dirt. Do not brush the shoes back and forth. Brush them in the same direction as this will lift the dirt out.
  • Rub the scuffed areas vigorously, back and forth, with the brush. If the scruffs are too matted down, then scrap it with a knife to lift the nap.
  • If the dirt in the shoes appears too tough to remove then use a crepe rubber to rub the dirt out.
  • Finally, spray a coat of suede protector spray on the shoes after each cleaning.
To clean and maintain white shoes, you need to take in consideration the material that the shoes are made up of. Happy cleaning!

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