Do you want to get strong and perfectly toned abs? If yes, then explore the article to know how to build your abs by doing the best exercises.

How To Build Your Abs

Apart from the big arms, wide chest, slim thighs and large shoulders, the one feature that makes a man more appealing, than others, comprises of his chiseled abs. It is a fact that a guy's mid-section reflects the level of his fitness. In today's figure-conscious world, men strive to get the perfect six pack abs. If you are also one of them and are looking for the best exercises to build strong abs, this article is just what you need. Go through the following lines and know how to build your abs in the fastest and the most effective way.
Best Exercises To Build Abs
Alternate Heel Touchers
Alternate heel touchers concentrate on toning the muscles located on the left and right side of abs. To do this workout, you need to lie on your back, with your knees bent. The knees should be positioned about 20 inches apart. Now, place your arms downwards, at your sides, while keeping the feet flat on the floor. The next step is to touch your left heel with your left hand and right heel with your right hand, without moving your feet. Make sure to keep your lower back down, without letting your shoulder blades touch the floor. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
Leg Elevated Crunches
Lie on the floor, on your back, and then rest your feet and lower calves on a table. In this position, your knees should be bent at more than a 90 degree angle. Now, position your hands on the back of your head, without interlocking your fingers. By keeping your lower back on the floor, raise your shoulders 4-5 inches off the floor. Your shoulders should rise in such a way that your elbows touch your thighs. Perform this exercise 5 times.
Bicycle Exercise
Targeted on the rectus abdominis and the waist, the bicycle exercise helps build abs in the easiest and fastest way. To do this exercise, lie on the floor with your face up. Place your fingers on the back of your head and interlock them. Now, bring the knees towards the chest and raise the shoulder blades off the floor. While doing this, you should not pull on your neck. Turn your upper body to the right, by straightening the left leg out and bringing the left elbow towards the right knee. Now, bring the right elbow towards the left knee and repeat the above step. Continue switching sides, until you do 15 repetitions.
Mountain Climbers
A quick way to build and tone the abdominal muscles is to perform mountain climber exercise. To do this, lie on the floor, positioning yourself in the top push-up style. While doing this, make sure that your hands and feet are touching the floor. Now, bend one of your knees and bring it towards your chest. Return the knee to its original position and repeat the same step with the other knee. Do this exercise, in a swift tempo, for about 30 seconds.
Torso Track
In order to tone your abs further, you need to perform the torso track. To do this exercises, grip the handles of the Torso Track. Without holding your breath, pull your abs. Now, exhale and glide forward as far as possible. Pull your body back by contracting the abs. Repeat the exercise 10 times. You may add tension to the exercise, by using tension chords.

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