The memorizing techniques & tips given here are easy to learn and will prove to be quite helpful as well. Go through this article and know how to memorize.

How To Memorize

Memorizing is something that every student has to learn in his life, be it the school years or the college years. Have you ever wondered how come a few students always have the answers on their fingertips? How are they able to recite the complete answer in a matter of seconds? If you want to know the answer behind this 'how', this article is just perfect for you. In the following lines, we have listed a few memorizing techniques, apart from giving some tips regarding the same. Go through them and know how to memorize things.
Memorizing Techniques & Tips 
  • In order to memorize anything, the first thing that you need to do is select the right atmosphere. Silence is one of the prerequisites of good concentration, thus the resultant memory. So, select a room or a place where there is complete silence and you will not be disturbed by anybody.
  • Give the material a through read and then start looking for certain common patterns, familiar elements or some other similarities to break down the reading matter into 3-4 sections. However, remember that this should come with the flow of reading and not be forced upon.
  • Try to form a relationship between the sections and your own experiences. There doesn't have to be logic behind it. It can be anything irrational as well, but interesting enough to be memorable. The link between the sections and experiences will help you remember the former easily.
  • Go through the first section of the reading material again and again, till you are able to say it without looking at the paper.
  • Now, read the first and the second sections together. Again, keep re-reading them loudly, till you can repeat them without looking at the paper.
  • Keep on doing this till you are able to say the complete reading material in your mind, without any help from the paper. Then, repeat the whole material loudly, three times.
  • If you think that you have memorized the complete reading material properly, take a break of 10-20 minutes. Indulge in something that you like, say listening music, watching TV, etc.
  • Come back after the break and again repeat the complete reading material loudly, without looking at the paper. Work on the sections you are having trouble with.
  • Again, take a break and repeat the whole process. Keep on doing this until you get everything right.

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