Since first impression really is the last impression, it is best to know beforehand about fist time dating etiquette. Here’s how not to behave on the first date.

How Not To Behave On A First Date

There is something magical, mysterious, as well as confusing about first dates that leaves men and women bewildered. It makes them excited as well as nervous about how to behave, where to take your date out, what to wear, what to order, even whether to cut your nails or not (for all practical purposes, do cut your nails!). Since we all agree that first impressions are last impressions, we all want to make ourselves look best in the eyes of the person we plan to date. It is no wonder how men and women go through jittery spells when they have to go on the first date with someone they admire. The more jittery they get, the more they tend to make mistakes. The first step to doing well on your first date, should thus be, that you take it easy and go with the flow. The rest will be taken care of by a few simple things that one should not do during the first date – these are the things, which might either put your date off or show you in a bad light and in both cases, you will end up spoiling a potentially good friendship in the least. These are simple rules that do not take much to follow and work wonders for everyone. Here’s what not to do on your first date.
What Not To Do On The First Date 
Here are some things that one should not do on the first date:
Watch The Time 
This goes out to people of both the sexes – value punctuality and be on time. Remember that it is not the duty of either of you to wait for the other. Keeping people waiting is as good as taking them for granted, and if you take the person you’re dating for the first time for granted, it is not a good sign. It is rude and unprofessional to take someone’s time for granted and arrive at your own sweet time. If something’s holding you back or preventing you from reaching on time, have the decency to call up and tell your date that you shall be late and apologise sincerely. Such an attitude will show that you had no intention of being late or wasting your date’s time.
I, Me, Myself 
You may think of yourself as God’s gift to humanity, to mankind or to womankind, but your date need not know this. People like dates to be fun and they expect the date to end on a positive note – one that paves way for many dates. If you show enough interest in the other person, your interest is bound to be reciprocated, but if all you are concerned about and talking about is your own self then your date is sure to feel out of place and not to mention bored. Seriously, if you love yourself so much, why not just go on a date with your own self, that way you will not be bored of talking about yourself. All you need to do in that case is carry a mirror! On a more serious note, it is best to keep information flowing from both corners – ask your date questions about their lives without being too interrogative or behaving like a voyeur.
Guzzly Bear 
Though it is best not to go for the first date to a pub or to drink, if you can keep it under control, it is perfectly fine. This advice goes out to men – do not take your dates to those sports bars where burly men guzzle beer and watch football or any other sport. It is best for either of the sexes not to drink too much or else you lose your chances of being on another date with a potentially wonderful person – your date. No one likes to date a person who easily offshoots his or her limits and cannot hold a drink when on a date.
Mr. Empty-Pockets 
This basically goes out to men, if you cannot save up to make the woman you are dating for the first time special for a few moments, you are not worthy of dating at all. Don’t complain later that women are just gold diggers and that all they care about is money. Remember, for a woman, money is security and she cannot and will not go out with a man who cannot even pay for their first date together. For men, it is often best to pay for the first date and, if you have any more dates with the same woman, you may request to go Dutch.

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