Golden brown highlights can help your hair look as good as honey. Swing through this piece of writing to discover instructions on how to get your hair to look golden brown.

Golden Brown Highlights

Ever looked at a total stranger on the road walk by with golden brown highlights on his or her hair? Well, if you have, agreeing that golden brown highlights that grace the hair of a person don’t look too bad. This, of course, depends on how well the hair has been colored and how well the person with the colored hair carries the look off. So, if you believe that golden brown is the color of choice for your hair and you have it in you to carry the look off, then golden brown is really the way to go! Take the time to read on to gain access to step-by-step instructions on how to highlight your hair golden brown. If you are looking forward to sport gorgeous looking hair that easily makes for your crowning glory, the time for you to realize your dreams is in the here and now.

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How To Highlight Your Hair Golden Brown 

You Will Need
  • A Highlighting Kit
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Towels
  • Plastic Bowl
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Foil Wrappers
  • Clips
  • Even before you start working on the process that will help you get to gorgeous looking golden brown highlights, there is a precautionary measure that you should take. This is what will help you put at bay any damage to your hair.
  • To get going with the precautionary measure, you can try on a small amount of the highlighting color on a few strands of your hair. When you do this, you will know for sure if you are allergic or not allergic to the ingredients in the hair color. This is the safest route because, here you get to know just how a few strands of hair are going to react to the hair color, as opposed to finding out how every single strand of hair on your head reacts to the hair color.
  • Contrary to most hair styling procedures, here, it is not a must for you to wash your hair. Instead, you will have to take care to wash your hair at least a day before you begin the process of highlighting it. This is what will help the highlights hold on to your hair and for that you can thank the natural oils and debris that almost always is found on your hair.
  • Now, go ahead and cover the floor and your clothes with towels that you don’t mind staining. You can then proceed to wear plastic gloves. This is what will help you from staining your hands and your clothes. To protect the skin on your head, you can apply a light layer of petroleum jelly along the entire hairline. This is as good as a must to do.
  • Now that the buildup to the highlighting procedure is done with, it’s time to move on to the highlighting kit. Begin by adding the highlighting color and the cream from the hair coloring kit to the plastic bowl. Once this is done, you can use the plastic spoon to mix the highlighting color and the cream from the hair coloring kit. Here, you will have to take all the steps needed to ensure that you do not use metal bowls when you are mixing the hair color and the cream.
  • Proceed to create small sections of hair that are between quarter inch and one inch in width. When you go about creating these sections, make it a point to also clip them. You can use hair clips for these purposes. For best results with this step, you will have to start at the back of your head and work your way to the top of your head and to the front of the same.
  • This is where you will apply the hair color on to each section of hair. Make it a point to apply hair color from the root to the tip. As you finish working on a section, wrap it up with foil paper. If you are not sure about where you can find the foil paper, the same can be easily found at beauty supply stores.
  • Let the highlights on your hair stay on for around half an hour or so. Once the stipulated time is done with, you can wash it away with lukewarm water and an extremely gentle shampoo. To restore the moisture in your hair, you can feel free to use a conditioner.
  • Wait for your hair to dry naturally, if you must, use a towel but don’t make the mistake of using a blow dryer to dry your hair. Also, try not to wash your hair for the next two or three days. This is what will help your hair color to set as well as it possibly can on your hair.

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