Give your kids some relief from the traditional wet games by indulging in some fun nighttime activities in the upcoming summer holidays. Check out different things to do with kids on a summer night.

Fun Nighttime Summer Activities For Kids

The festivals of Easter and Passover are done with. The spring season has given way for the next season of the year - summer. Yuck! The scorching heat and the never-ending period of continuous sweating has arrived which always seems to get the better of us. To make matters worse, all children are on summer vacations and there’s nothing best you can do to keep them entertained. All that they do is retire to their rooms, and end up either watching television or engaging in the latest game console, all thanks to the blistering heat outdoors. Even with television, your kids are mostly engaged with catching up old cartoons, movies, or playing games. Well, this is all about how a day is spent in summers. With the night approaching, staying indoors is just not possible due to the heat engulfed inside. Well, know that that’s exactly the time you should actually be waiting for to provide some thrill and frill to your kids. Pull up your sleeves and infuse some exciting and electrifying activities to your kids’ otherwise boring vacations. Given here are some suggestions for fun activities for hot summer nights.
Things To Do With Kids On A Summer Night
Bonfire & Snacks
Get some marshmallows and sticks in advance to set a spooky environment filled with horror stories. Dig in one or two marshmallows to every stick top and let everyone indulge in cooking and enjoying hot snacks. Alternatively, you can also help your kids in preparing popcorn. Get a cast-iron pan and oil it up generously. Throw in some loose corn kernels and secure the lid loosely. Allow the kernels to pop into light and dig into the crunchy popcorn as everyone takes turns in narrating a story.
Movie Night Out
Ask your kids to help you with setting up a movie theater in your backyard. Arrange for a projector and a large screen to get the real theater feel. Assign different duties to every kid and let them organize a typical theater functioning. While one kid can work at the counter, let the other play the role of ticket taker or usher. To further enhance the environment, make one kid set up a stand selling popcorn and other snacks.
Night Stroll
While the daylight presents a spectacular view of the magnificent and unparalleled beauty of nature, the nighttime is no less and makes the exploration an equally marvelous experience. Just as the sun goes down, the nature gives you a completely different scenario to experience. Buy flashlights or headlamps to light your way as you walk down to the untouched and unexplored terrains. Take your kids to a nearby park or simply walk around the neighborhood. Transform this night stroll into a little expedition by watching and hearing fireflies, cicadas, bats, owls, and other creatures. Do not forget to smell some beautiful and fragrant night-blooming flowers, like moonflowers, daylilies and angel’s trumpet.
Shadow Puppets
This makes a great activity to involve not only your young kids, but also your grandkids, if you have any. Allow the kids to create animals and birds using their hands in the darkness, allowing the elders to guess them out. Apart from passing the time in an enjoyable and entertaining manner, this activity will work upon the imagination and creative skills of young kids. Make some of the most innovative creatures and shapes, challenging the others to figure them out.
Constellations and Shooting Stars
Set up a comfortable sleeping area in your backyard where you can spend the entire night mingling with one another and sharing some fun conversation. As you lie down, gaze at the stars high above in the sky and try figuring out the constellation they form a part of. This will make a great opportunity for learning and making the most out of the night. Instead, you can even have a star guide beside you or look for guides to the night sky in the daily newspapers. Thereafter, fix your eyes on the heaven and see which kid locates the Pegasus first!
Discover A Dessert!
Since its summertime, everyone yearns for a delicious and finger-licking dessert after dinner. Instead of the traditional chocolates, custard, or pudding, explore your kitchen cabinet and see what new dessert ideas you can come up with to satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth. Get you hands on making something new, say some homemade ice cream sandwiches using graham crackers, or probably an elaborate sundae bar with colorful toppings, like nuts, granola, and fresh seasonal fruit. And if your kids are tired of digging into the same ol’ pie crust, keep the fuss away by making a cobbler or a crumble instead, for a change.
Summers can be as fun and exciting as any other season of the year. All you need is some planning in advance to invite the 'dreadful' summers with open arms, instead of waiting for them to pass by soon. All the best and enjoy your summers!

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