While everyone suffers from fear in a relationship, some people struggle more than others. Explore the different kinds of fear in relationships and also find tips for overcoming them.

Fear Of Relationships

Everyone fears from being rejected or left alone. And why not! After being hurt in a past relationship, exploring a new one is simply uncertain and apprehensive. While moving ahead towards a relationship, it is the fear that holds us back from trying to pursue anything new, be it intimacy, change, commitment or abandonment. What’s more the increasing fear can all the more, prevent a person from experiencing the pleasures and stability of a genuine relationship. Therefore, it is best to identify your type of fear and take the necessary steps for overcoming them. Given here are some kinds of fear that one experiences in a relationship. Also learn various tips for overcoming such situations. 
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of intimacy does not only include hesitation towards revealing ourselves to our partner, it can begin as early as in childhood. Often, kids fear of disclosing their unique selves, such as personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, to another person. Everyone wants to be independent and hence, this increases to keeping a distance from our partners in adulthood. Fear of intimacy is the first most common problem in a relationship. People with such a fear feel trapped and suffocated thereby exacerbating their relationship fears.
Fear of Change
Many people fear that their partners will change over a period of time, while at other times, they fear that they would not. Fear of change is the anxiety over a long term investment in a relationship. Even a minutest change, be it positive or negative, turn out to be hard to deal with. A sense of uneasiness starts developing within ourselves when we find that we no longer share similar habits and routines. Furthermore, the fear of adjusting towards new routines, all the more, creates more panic.
Fear of Abandonment
The fear of abandonment can be related to the fear of being alone. Nobody wants to be alone and hence, even the thought of being rejected or abandoned disappoints us. Although one can survive by staying alone, but one would always prefer the company of another person for continuing his life in a better and easier way. The fear of abandonment usually includes being left alone due to death, rejection, illness, physical or emotional distance.
Overcoming Fear In A Relationship 
  • Time is the beat healer. Hence, give yourself enough time to analyze the different situations that have led you to this fear. Depending upon the nature of relationship, you may require more time to overcome the failure of a relationship and heal those wounds.
  • Seek the help of a friend or potential partner to talk your mind. Find out the kind of fear you inhibit and discuss the various aspects and situations that push you into such a condition. It is best to fight with your feelings rather than suppressing or stuffing them down into your own self. Speak out your heart to get to the root of the things. Frankly speaking, this is the best way to overcome your relationship fear.  
  • You can also visit a therapist or other mental health professionals to see help. In case you are finding time is taking too much to heal your wounds, then a therapist is probably the best way to work on your problems. Never ever allow the fear cripple over you and keep you from getting closer to another individual.

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