Family reunion games are played for breaking ice and make interactions easy. Here is a list of family reunion games and activities that you can have fun with!

Family Reunion Games

Family reunions are occasions when members of the extended family meet up at a particular place and catch up on the latest gossips and scandals. In today’s times, with the kith and kin scattered all over the world, it is only when reunions like these are planned that we meet our long forgotten cousins, aunts and uncles. Usually the location is chosen keeping the oldest members of the family in mind. For example, the family may generally decide to gather at the grandparent’s house to save them the pain of travelling elsewhere to meet their kids. There are relatives who travel more than a couple of miles for the reunion. With the world getting busier by the moment, the role of event companies is growing in this arena. They plan the entire reunion ranging from the games, activities and food to other minute details of the gathering (of course for a hefty price)! But it doesn’t have to be the same for all. If you are one of those who like family matters to stay within the family then we are guessing that you would not trust strangers to plan reunions for you. So, here is an article that makes planning reunions super easy for you. Go through the fun games stated below to make your gathering all the more memorable, cheerful and merry.
Family Reunion Activities
Tug Of War
Paint a straight line – couple of feet long – on the grass using spray paint. Place a long, strong and sturdy rope perpendicular to the line such that the rope is divided exactly in the centre by the line. Now, separate the family into two teams. The easiest way to divide maybe to keep girls against boys but you also need to make sure that both groups are equally matched in strength. Have the teams stand on opposite sides of the line and ask each one of the team to hold on to the rope. As the game begins, the teams try to pull each other towards themselves across the painted line. The team that succeeds to pull the other team towards their territory wins.
Sack Race
A sack race is fun and entertaining for both the participants and the onlookers. The participants hop into a sack each which is then tied around their feet. At “go”, all the participants start hopping towards the finishing line and the person who reaches there first is declared winner.
Board Games
Board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Carom board and Chess etc. are a great way to relax after a hectic activity and pass the lazy afternoon time. They are also a good alternative for the older and slightly aged members in the family who cannot run around like the younger ones but still have the game spirit intact in them.
Family Trivia
Family trivia is another fun game for the entire family. In this game, fun tidbits, interesting details and queer traits of each member of the family are written down on small chits of paper. These papers are collected in a bag and given to the person appointed as host. As the host reads out each piece of paper, the audience has to guess the member about whom the tidbit is. Hilarious and fun, this game not only gets everybody talking but also helps in bridging all existing gaps.
Talent Show
In a talent show, each member broadcasts their unique talent. Some aunts or cousins who are good at singing or dancing could be paired up with uncles who are very good with the guitar or other instruments. Maybe grandpa sketches well — give him a pen and paper and ask him to sketch granny! Isn’t that cute? Provide a platform for every member to showcase their talent on this day and see how the day goes by merrily and swiftly.
T shirt Memories
From the favourite quote oft repeated in your family to the best reunion photo, you can get anything printed on the t-shirt and give one each to all the members present. Carrying home a t-shirt like this would not only keep the memories fresh but also make you long for the next one. Who knows, maybe such memories are what you need to reconnect with your loved ones!

Take our tip for to travel back in time! Sit around the oldest members in the family and ask them to recollect fond memories from yesteryears. Play all these games but don’t forget to involve all and make the day beautiful for the ones who really matter to you. Involve the elders and have fun at your family reunion — after all, don’t they all say that it is our families that truly define who we really are!

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