Who said a longbow is an extinct weapon? With a few materials in hand and some patience, you can make a longbow at home. Learn how to make one.

How To Make A Longbow

A longbow is a weapon that was normally used by African tribes during ancient times to hunt down animals or during a combat. It is perhaps the most basic type of bow that we have seen throughout history. The longbow has always been an object of interest, especially because of its huge size. Agreed, we do not use a longbow anymore, but wouldn’t it be fun if we could own one? Owning a longbow has become fairly easy today, as you do not even have to purchase it from an artifact shop! Yes, all you have to do to have a longbow of your own is to make one yourself, that too sitting at home! Since a longbow is made out of a single piece of wood, you need to take extra care of the shape, while structuring one. Keep a small piece of leather handy when making your longbow because the bow grip has a leather padding on it.
Making A Longbow
Choose Your Wood
Choice of wood is very important in making a longbow. Do not use soft wood. While hard woods like yew and osage are the best for making a longbow, it is better that you use oak or lemonwood for the first longbow, as the former are extremely hard and difficult to carve. The wood must be dried well before cutting.
Use A Pencil
While making your longbow, you will have to keep a pencil ready. It is important to draw the shape of the longbow on the piece of wood that is now dried before you start on the process of making the longbow.
Use A Saw
While cutting out your first longbow from the wood do remember to use a jigsaw to carve out the shape. With a saw it is always easier and quicker to plough through wood rather than using other tools.
While using the saw to cut out the shape of a longbow, you must make sure that only the sides are cut and roughed out. Do not cut out the back of the wood. Make sure your saw is sharp enough to cut through hard wood.
Make A Tillering Board
A board which is at least 3 feet in length should be used as your tillering board. Cut out a notch of 1” across the board. Now tie a string from one side of the board to the other and fix an arrow.

Give Your Bow The Final Shape
You have to remove wood from the belly region of the bow that you have cut so that it acquires a bent shape. Make sure that much wood is not scooped out of the belly region all at once. 

Attach The String
The string from where the arrow will be released must be attached to the bow with the ends tied to the notches of the tillering board. Make sure that the curve of the bow is even from both sides before attaching the string; else the bow will bend when you try to shoot the arrow.
Make The Arrows
You can use simple thin sticks as the arrows for your longbow. The sticks should be 3 feet in length. You can harden your arrows by holding them above a fire to char.
Voila! You have an ancient weapon at your hand and that too, without burning out your pocket. Go target your enemies!

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