Do you wish to dress up as a fairy godmother at your next Halloween party? Glance through this piece to find ideas for a fairy godmother costume.

Fairy Godmother Costume

Right from the stories of Cinderella to Shrek to Sleeping Beauty, fairy godmothers have been greatly popular and replicated in different plays. Read out one of these ancient fables to a little girl and she will be lost in her dreamland portraying the role of a fairy. And if you still desire to fulfill your dream of becoming a fairy, the next Halloween party organized in your town would be the best opportunity to don a fairy godmother costume. And if you think Halloween is too far to resist, then throwing a birthday party (only if it is in the near future) with a fairy theme would be an ideal idea. But then the question that arises is - how to dress up as fairy godmother? For this, you will first have to understand that a fairy godmother is a grandmotherly figure dressed up in a long rob with a hood, coupled with a magic wand. In the following lines, we present you some creative ideas on creating a simple yet elegant fairy godmother costume. Take a look!
Fairy Godmother Costume Ideas
Remember that a fairy godmother is not a young girl. She is an elderly lady with high respect and recognition that she has gained over the years by helping and protecting people. Thus, it is essential that you give your due respect to her. As such, do not wear your black hair and put on the fairy costume. Put on a gray or silver wig to look her age and portray a true fairy godmother. Put on a tall pointed princess hat and spray some sparkly hair spray on your hair to make it shine and glitter.
Just because you want to look like a fairy, do not go ahead with dabbing lots of powder and shade on your face and eyes. Fairy godmothers are respected figures and reveal minimal makeup. Hence, just a little blush and glitter on the face and neck, coupled with a pink lip gloss will do the job. Wearing loud and gaudy makeup will ruin the entire image of the innocent and beautiful character.
Before you move out to buy or borrow a fairy dress, it is best to look for dresses in your wardrobe that can help you create your fairy godmother costume. Wearing a simple blue dress or slip will serve as a perfect support underneath your main costume. Find an over-sized nightgown, old bridesmaid dress, prom dress, or even a graduation gown. If you are lucky to find one in blue color, you can proceed with the other steps, else, get the dress dyed in light blue. Even if you locate an old cloak and an old hoodie, your job is done. Simply put on the hoodie first and wear the cloak over it. The fairy godmother is assumed to have a hood as part of her consume. Thus, this will give you a perfect dress, especially if you get the dress pieces dyed in contrasting colors. If your robe is too simple to represent a fairy godmother at the function, then beautify it with sequins and sparkling netting.
Take a red or pink colored scarf and tie it around your neck into a nice bow. The scarf should be tied into a perfect bow to give the robe a complete and perfect fairy godmother look. Pick up blue slippers to match with your robe. Do not mistake the slippers to be glass ones as those worn by Cinderella. Remember, it is the fairy godmother whom you are representing and not Cinderella. Thus, keep the footwear simple yet complementing.
Magic Wand
A wand with a star at the end is highly significant for representing a true fairy godmother. You can either purchase one from the craft store or make one at home by attaching a cutout star shape from wood or cardboard on a dowel. Paint the dowel and star and decorate it with glitter and ribbon. Alternatively, you can add another whimsical prop to your fairy godmother costume, like a pumpkin which can be later transformed into a carriage.
While you are all set to move to the party exhibiting a true and perfect fairy godmother that every child dreams of, be prepared to create magic by whirling your magic wand. Last, but not the least, do not forget to speak out “bibbity bobbity boo” to any question put to you.

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