Ouija board is a board that used to play games like - "summoning a spirit". In the following article, you can learn an easy way as to how to make an Ouija board.

How To Make A Ouija Board

Very often you must have seen this particular scene in a spooky Korean or Chinese horror movie. In a dark room, there are five girls sitting around a square board with spooky characters made on it. One of them sits in the center with her eyes closed and her right hand on a heart-shaped pointer. Fear dreads down the faces of rest of her friends sitting beside her, who hold each other's hands, making a closed loop or circle. The central girl with her eyes closed calls for a spirit and says some gibberish scary words that you perhaps don’t understand exactly. The next moment you see the whole room filled with graveyard-like silence and each of the faces, including yours, overpowered with expression of fear. All are expecting something unnatural, “a ghostly thing” to happen. While everything is still one moment, in the very next second the central girl suddenly starts shaking vigorously and stops with her head down. She then slowly raises her head up, and there you see - her blank possessed expressionless face. Scary, isn’t it? Probably yes for heart patients, but not for youngsters for whom, games like these are nothing more than activities purely meant for getting that feeling of high and that adrenaline rush like never-before. Young people always have a craving for adventure games and playing with an Ouija board is just a way to satiate their urge for some chills and thrills. If you too want to experience this eerie feeling, getting your hands on an Ouija board should be on your mind. But before you splurge your money on an expensive board just for the sake of having some creepy fun, know that you can make one at home that too without any effort. Mentioned here is an easy way to help you make an Ouija board.
Making Ouija Board  
Materials Required
  • Cardboard
  • A4 paper
  • Transparent plastic sheet
  • A pair of scissors
  • Marker pen
  • Glue
  • There are various ways that you can employ to make an Ouija board. All you need is a little creativity from your side.
  • The first step in making an Ouija board involves writing down alphabets and numbers on a A4 size paper. Always keep in mind that the alphabets and numbers should be in bold and comprehensible by everyone. Alternatively, you can download various fancy Ouija board fonts from different sites available on the internet and later have them printed.
  • Cut out all the numbers, alphabets and words with the help of scissors.
  • Now paste the alphabets, numbers and words on the cardboard with the help of glue. The correct pattern to paste the alphabets and numbers on the board is as follows:
    • Alphabets A- Z in the first two rows pasted in the shape of an arc.
    • Number 1-9 in the third row.
    • At the top side of the board, paste words “YES” and “NO” in left and right side of the board respectively.
    • At the bottom of the board, paste “Goodbye”.
  • When all letters and numbers are pasted, keep them for drying.
  • Finally cover the board with a transparent plastic cover to ensure a slippery surface for the planchette (heart-shaped pointer) to slide easily.
  • You can also easily make planchette (heart-shaped pointer). All you have to do is to make a heart-shaped figure on a cardboard and cut it out. Draw a small circle on the lower end of planchette. Your planchette (heart-shaped pointer) is ready.
Now that you know how to make an Ouija board, what are you waiting for? Go get all the things required and get set to make an Ouija board. Once made, call in your friends and have a spooky session together! Let the ghost’s come in! Enjoy!

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