Hand-painted wine glasses are a very popular gift item for different occasions. Read on to know how to paint wine glass.

Painting Wine Glasses

Wine glasses have become one of the most widespread gift items in marriages, birthdays and anniversary celebrations. While wine glasses are available in several shops in the market today, many people prefer personalized items as gifts. This is where hand-painted wine glasses come into picture. Not only does a hand-painted wine glass look good, it also highlights your creative abilities and makes for an innovative gift item. And if you do not want to part away with your hand-painted wine glass, you may use it for decorating your own home! The techniques used in glass painting are also applied in painting wine glasses. You may choose to use random paintbrush strokes to draw on your wine glass or may stick a clipart on the inside of the wine glass to trace the drawing on the outer surface of the glass. Read on for tips on painting wine glasses at home.
How To Paint Wine Glass
Things Required
Wine Glass
An inexpensive wine glass can be picked up from the local store. Since you are going to decorate the glass, expensive glasses would be of no use.
Purchase paint that is suitable for painting on glass surfaces. The paint will be available in art and craft stores in local markets. Be careful to read the paint labels to confirm that it can be used on heated glass. Only acrylic paint is to be used. There are two types of acrylic colors, transparent and opaque. If you do not want light to pass through glass and change the color of your painting, opt for an opaque paint and vice versa. Do not use air-dry colors, for they flow away while washing glass with water.
Paintbrushes are available in a variety of sizes. Choose the size and brush texture according to your needs and the surface of the glass that you are painting on. You can also use different paintbrush sizes for different strokes that you are painting on the wine glass.
This is optional. You can use a clipart only if you cannot draw figures on glass on your own.
A tape will be required only if you are using a clipart. The tape would help stick the clipart to the inner surface of glass.
  • Clean the surface of the wine glass that you will paint. Use a clean cloth for the purpose or rub the surface with alcohol. Try not to touch the surface after you have cleaned it.
  • Dip the paintbrush in color and follow the pattern drawn on the clipart or make random strokes. If you are using multiple colors for the strokes, make sure to dip one end of the paintbrush in one color and the other in the next color and then brush on the glass surface. Use sufficient amount of color. Make lovely patterns if you are drawing random strokes. A clipart is always advisable for beginners.
  • Paint using strokes from the top of the wine glass to the bottom. This means that the pattern at the top of the glass is drawn first, gradually moving down.
  • When you are painting a wine glass, make sure to use bright colors to make the patterns. Bright colors look good on glass surface. Floral prints are suggested, though you may experiment according to the occasion and the person whom you are gifting the wine glass to.
  • Paint slowly; give time for the paint to dry so that the painting on the top part is not spoilt when you move down.
Your wine glass is ready to be gifted or to stand as your own home décor.

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